We sit down with the laugh-til-you-piss rockers from Health to discuss rituals and their upcoming UK tour. 


The noise- band rockers from the sunny hills of Los Angeles have been around the block, and are now bringing the heat to the UK with an European mini tour. We talk to these hilarious-as-fuck SoCal whippersnappers where we learn a thing or two about appropriate Facebook behaviour and the importance of tour rituals.

When is your new album coming out & what is it called?

Later this year.  No name yet.

Is your new album more masculine or feminine?


What did you find most surprising while composing the score for video game, “Max Payne 3”?

It takes a really long time to score a video game.

What is your freakiest groupie story?

Our girlfriends reading our press.

Who is the “mother” in the band?

Jake, but he molests the kids.

Who is the fartiest member?


Who gets laid the most?


Who spends the most time in front of the mirror?



What is the best remedy for constipation on tour?

Constipation?  Every shit is an emergency on tour.

Who writes your Facebook statuses?

John and Jake.

Here are some prime examples:

“Get so fucking turned on when a girl tells me she’s not on Facebook.”

“Hotel bathrooms should have plungers in them. Don’t make me call to alert the stranger at the front desk that I’ve clogged the toilet with my shit.”

“Not to spoil the surprise for those watching the show, but I just finished the Game of Thrones books and it turns out that Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole fucking time.”

How do you feel your approach to music has changed or matured since starting Health?

Less arguing, more Ableton.

How is your new record different from your previous album, “Get Color?”

Very different. More bass.

Are there any rituals while on tour?

To pass the time driving we listen to the radio, and whenever someone in song says “you” we replace it with “Jup” (nickname for Jupiter) and anytime anyone says “me” we replace it with “Beej” (nickname for BJ). So every song is about a romance between Jup and Beej.

Is there a specific performance that stands out which had an impact on your career?

Primavera Sound Festival.

Who were you most starstruck by?

Danny DeVito.

How did you come up with the band name, Health?

Jake was a “medical historian” and we found all the other names were taken.  He suggested HEALTH after many fruitless google searches.

You guys put on a very high energy show. How do you keep up that energy level when you’re tired on tour?

If people come to see you, you gotta give them the best you can — even if you feel shitty.   But even if you’re tired, the tour is long stretches of boredom during the day, and a short burst of excitement at night.  By showtime, you’re ready to go.

Health will be performing at Birthdays in London 3rd June. 

Words: Hatnim Lee