This week in Hit List, we explore the crevasses and jagged edges of geo-rich, Iron Age inspired jewellery. So take a look, grab your bag, and rock it.


Only Child London Astroid Box Necklace

Only Child London, the East London boutique run by proud Northern designer Kelly Jackson, is quite simply a geological wonderland. While her bedazzling creations range from sweet and delicate to hard and sturdy, the deep pigments of her asteroid-like gems are a sight to behold. This large metallic corded necklace demands attention with strung titanium coated quartz – bold and beautiful, indeed.

Available £210 from onlychildlondon.com


Noemi Klein Zeolite Double Ring

Noemi Klein turns to neolithic inspiration with the newest edition to her Epoch 5: Strange Volitions collection. The jutting gold pieces in this smart-as-fuck double ring are meant to mimic clusters of geological roughage and precious minerals.

Available £240 from noemiklein.com



Dark Nights Stack Ring by Astley Clarke Colour

Astley Clarke brings sophistication to astrology with this midnight sky bling. The colouring, bright gold and moulding recall heavenly ceilings of Renaissance cathedrals, while the large black crystal is enough to make a high Bishop green with envy.

Available £250 from astleyclarke.com

HUSAM EL ODEH ‘Corroded’ 18k Gold Plated Ring £225


Husam El Odeh ‘Corroded’ 18k Gold Plated Ring

The organic curves of this ring, along with its amorphous crystalline centre, are something out of an archeological goldmine. The organic feel stems from Husam El Odeh’s fine arts background and his intrigue with the tactile, creating forms that seem to mould onto the body.

Available £225 from brownsfashion.com

ANNDRA NEEN cuff £340

Anndra Neen Cuff

Solid silver forms the base of this Anndra Neen cuff while the jagged, irregular strips of metal look like exposed layers of mined metal. The cuff is truly a statement and tactile piece.

Available £340 from avenue32.com

HitList KIMBERLY MCDONALD Sapphire Slice and Diamond Earrings £3610


Kimberly McDonald Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

From the high-brow shops of Browns come these dangling slices of geological heaven. But there’s a reason the red carpet crystals carry a hefty price tag – designer Kimberly McDonald honed her passion for Earth’s natural beauty through her use geodes and precious stones, making these earrings as unique as the wearer.

Available £3,610 from brownsfashion.com



Edun Exclusive Gold Plated Cow Horn Cuff

Anything involving gold and cow horns will spark a certain amount of intrigue to Paleo-dieters hunting for discount Prada. The three-tier Edun cuff is roughly moulded and welded with sanded cow horn – chic and rough, just how we like it.

Available £65 from avenue32.com

Words: Elise Marraro (follow Elise on Twitter: PardonMe_Lissie)