FM‘s Sylvester Ulv chats to us about New Girl, Mean Girls 2 and jetting off to Miami.

Sylvester Ulv Wonderland

Name: Sylvester Ulv

Age: 18

Hometown: Copenhagen

I was scouted: On Facebook when I was 15. I’d just got back from Sweden and two agencies from Denmark emailed me saying how unique I was. They were really persistent so I came into the agencies the next day.

Favourite place I’ve travelled: Berlin. I’m also excited about going to Miami for the first time very soon.

Hobbies: I just bought a polaroid camera and I like to read a lot. My mum has really good taste in books so passes them down to me. I also like watching films in bed.

Favourite movie: Gummo.

Least favourite movie: I haven’t seen Mean Girls 2 but I heard it’s pretty bad.

Current obsession: New Girl. I’m also getting into Game of Thrones and Ally McBeal.

Favourite food: Rice pudding.

Dream dinner date: Vincent Gallo, though I’m not sure how pleasant he would be to have dinner with.

Myself in three words: Indecisive, lazy and chatty.

I’m currently listening to: Cassie, King of Hearts on repeat.

Last thing I bought: Cigarettes.

Career highlight so far: I’m really excited about all the working I’ve done coming out over the next few months.

Future plans: I’m not sure, there are so many thing I want to do I don’t know where to start!

Photographer Daniel Nadel, shot on film using Ilford XP2 Super 400
Fashion Editor and words Francesca Prudente
Grooming Bobana Parojcic using CHANEL LES BEIGES & S 2013 & Lotte O’Shea using BUMBLE & BUMBLE
Model Sylvester Ulv at FM AGENCY
Sylvester wears jumper by MARNI