We spent the afternoon with Brazillian boy and ale brewer Konan Hanbury from Models 1, talking dining with Led Zeppelin and how to cut your sandwiches the right way.

Konan Hanbury

Age: 19

Hometown: Brazil

I was scouted: I was introduced to the agency by my eldest sister, who is also a model.

Favourite London hang out: I don’t really go clubbing anymore, Rio is so much more liberal I’ve been doing that since I was 14. I’m now quite keen on pub crawling.

Hobbies: Cooking is my main hobby. I’ve also got into home brewing and I’m currently making my own ales. Graffiti is another hobby in my spare time.

Fear: Sandwiches that aren’t cut diagonally.

Guilty pleasure: Homemade lasagna.

Dream job: Being the owner of a restaurant empire.

Favourite food: Italian food, risotto and pasta salads.

Dream dinner date: The entire Led Zeppelin band – that would be awesome.

Favourite cartoon: South Park, it’s pretty funny to watch it now as you get things on a completely different level to when you were 12.

Favourite superhero: Dr Manhattan from Watchmen.

First gig: Judas Priest, it was truly amazing

I’m currently listening to: Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon.

Most treasured possession: Probably my laptop!

Last thing I bought: A large case of ales last night, which my friends and I have now drunk.

Future plans: Unemployment – or Philosophy teacher, think they’re my two real options.

Myself in three words: Lanky ale drinker.

If I could have one wish: I would wish for three more wishes.

Photographer Daniel Nadel, shot on polaroid using impossible PX 680 film
Fashion Editor and words Francesca Prudente
Grooming Bobana Parojcic using CHANEL LES BEIGES & S 2013 & Lotte O’Shea using BUMBLE & BUMBLE
Model Konan Hanbury at MODELS 1
Konan wears jacket from PAUL SMITH, navy knitted jumper by MARGARET HOWELL, leather patch jeans by McQ & sneakers by CONVERSE