We stream ‘In My Veins’ off the self-styled first lady of bromance’s first EP.


Louisahhh!!! – go-to vocalist for Brodinski and Bromance Records crew member – has jumped on many an excellent track (her truly great appearance on Danny Daze’s ‘Your Everything‘, for one) but she’s come into her own right as a DJ and musician. No surprise, judging from this track off her debut EP, Transcend.

Mind describing what ‘In My Veins’ is about?

‘In My Veins’ is about connection, both to another human, and to the darkness – the night in oneself. The prefix ‘Trans’- means across or beyond, so to kind of dissolve boundaries and saturate into that moment, into each other. I also just learned that in astronomy ‘trans’ means that a given object is ‘farther from the sun’. I feel that the track is pretty far from the sun.

So how would you want listeners to react to the song?

I want listeners to dance! To really let the music move them, to stir some wildness rise up in them. Ideally at the crest of the night, when an intimacy has developed between the crowd and the DJ, this is when I would want it played. It is also really good to walk around alone in a city at night, feeling invincible and full of life.

Give us the lowdown: who is Louisahhh!!! and what is she all about

I grew up in New York City, always played music, had a wild youth resulting in being shipped to Los Angeles in 2006, where I have lived until recently, chasing the muse with a fervor. What else? My favorite food is sweet potato. I have a horse, his name (Jesse) is tattooed in my lower lip. This whole life is an attempted expression of gratitude, I am really thrilled to be alive.

What do you love most about electronic music?

Tough one! Electronic music has lifted me from the darkest times. I have been both formed and healed on the dance floor, undoubtedly. There is something alchemical and indescribable about music from computers transforming the human heart – it is my greatest hope to do that for another person as it has been done to and for me.

You’ve released records with Throne of Blood, Nurvous etc… Who’s your dream person to work with, alive or dead?

Beethoven. There is a certain untamable ferocity to his music that speaks to me – he is responsible for the divide between the classical and romantic, which is a place I strive to be.

Could you ever see yourself going disco, ala Daft Punk and Pharrell?

I certainly have elements of disco in my musical heritage – I have always loved Chic and Larry Levan and the joyful, sexy, slickness of it. I wouldn’t rule it out, but it’s not where I’m at right now.

There’s been a big resurgence of dance music lately, especially in the mainstream charts – what do you think is behind that?

I don’t know… Especially in America, we are in a weird cultural moment, an adolescence almost, where something that was always a subculture is getting its head above water on a much broader level for the first time, and it is still a subaqueous creature in a lot of ways, so it’s a little retarded in the bright light of the mainstream.

Pop music is referencing, descending into or taking notes from dance music, from David Guetta to Duke Dumont to Skrillex to Baauer. DJs have become rockstars, people want a show. It will be interesting to see how this chapter unfolds, given the gnat-like attention span of the “post-MTV generation”, or whatever we are now. As far as I am concerned, dance music is eternal; its place in the mainstream may or may not last – this happened before, it was called ‘electronica’. Regardless of what unfolds, we do what we do, and hopefully there will be a crossroads of creative integrity and commercial success. It’s the most one can hope for, right?

Transcend is out today via Bromance Records. www.soundcloud.com/LOUISAHHH