Note to PRs: Lil Wayne presents a masterclass in how to get our attention.

Lil Wayne Spectre by Supra
Party invites are a dime a dozen when you work in fashion. Come to our sunglasses launch! Eat canapés with Leigh Lezark! So how do you really get the attention of a jaded, caffeine-deprived member of our team? FedEx them a pill bottle labelled ‘Medical Cannabis’, accompanied by a herb grinder and lighter.

Lil Wayne may have suffered from a spell in hospital with seizure-related health woes, but that doesn’t seem to have dampened his enthusiasm for the sticky stuff. (It’s medicinal, right?) After all, 4/20 – otherwise known as Weed Day in the States – is around the corner.

As for the invite, it turns out the rapper is launching Spectre, his second collection of hi-top trainers with Supra (below). DJ Drama – you know, that guy who did R Kelly’s mixtape – is playing. What do luxury trainers have to do with the one day of the year where everybody lights up? No idea – but who cares?

Unfortunately, the green stuff in the bottle was… Green M&Ms. Maybe something got lost in transit.

Lil Wayne's Spectre by Supra trainers Lil Wayne's Spectre by Supra trainers