David Marsh merges process, energy and visuals into an exciting mash-up of colour and texture that aims to tickle the senses.

'Weight' by artist David Marsh
Why did you choose painting as your medium?

My mom made paintings with me as a kid and it was something I was always inspired by since then. Then I went to school and started showing at galleries and people kept showing me support, so it showed me I was doing something good.

So what’s your art about?

I explore shape, space, art history, color, and context.

How important is the emotional aspect of art?

My artwork changes everyday because I’m always keeping track of and reproducing processes throughout different bodies of work. Sometimes the actual process of painting can be emotional due to the building and deconstructing of layers in the work. It takes time to produce my work and once I change it, it can affect me because I feel that sometimes those changes are drastic.

What are you currently working on?

A minimal series in which I use just a few colors and shapes throughout the body of work.

Have you been to any exhibit or seen a work of art that transformed your life or change your way of thinking?

Several times I’ve been to great art shows. For example, the Francis Bacon retrospective at Met. The Jules Olitsky retrospective at Goldman Warehouse. I’m influenced by a variety of other shows and artists.

You are part of the upcoming group show Futurespective. Can you tell us more about the exhibit?

I believe in the group of artists that were chosen to be a part of this show. I believe they are all great artists.

Do you listen to music when you paint? What is your perfect soundtrack?

I love Spotify—it allows me to listen to all kinds of different and related artists. Sometimes, I enjoy listening to the Miami Heat or Miami Hurricanes on the radio.

What else do you have planned for 2013?

Marrying my beautiful lady, Kristen Soller.


'Untitled' painting by David Marsh'Untitled' painting by David Marsh
'In Direct Quote' painting by David Marsh

Words: Heike Dempster