London’s the only place to spot hot new talent, right? Wrong. Meet Milanese designer pair, Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari, who’re behind the young label CO|TE.

Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari, designers of CO|TE

Despite graduating from the prestigious Instituto Marangoni a few

scant years ago, the duo’s glamorously feminine designs have already impressed buyers at Harvey Nichols, which exclusively stocks the line. We find out about their new collection, their Milanese roots and their mutual distaste for lace.

What was your main source of inspiration for your winter collection?

We broadened our research regarding designers’ raw materials, namely fabrics! We mixed innovative textures and revised our geometrics, making them softer, suitable for a new CO|TE woman.

Who is the CO|TE woman?

In our minds, she is a woman who loves to live in the present and capable of using her clothes to express herself, discovering her hidden playful side.

Does it have a theme, like your SS12 collection which was CYBER PUNK?And if so how did you come to it?

This collection represents the introspective journey that we have both taken. Afterwards, we confronted each other to bring out the best of what we have to give. This is why we feel this collection is the one that best represents us so far. It’s designed for a more adult woman who doesn’t entirely forget her inner child who sometimes comes forward though peculiar prints and precious fabrics.

What is your favourite piece in the A/W13 collection? And which piece are you most proud of?

Tomaso : I love the new knitwear and I’m proud of the woollen coat with knitted sleeves.

Francesco: I adore the new “Pineapple” print and I’m proud of embroidery, a complete novelty in our collection.

Which celebrity would you love to see in your designs?

T : Dakota Fanning.

F : Amanda Seyfried.

What has been your favourite trend of the season so far? And is there any trend which you wish would be over?

Obviously trends based on geometrics and colour block. We don’t really like the overuse of lace.

You met at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, has the city had a big influence on your style?

Milano raised us, we were born here and we love this city and its Made in Italy style which greatly influenced our creative path.

What was it that brought you together? When did you decide to work together?

It was our friendship that brought us together: one day we simply decided to try to create our own collection. We stopped working out the fashion house where we first met, and established our own line. The rest is history.

CO|TE Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook

CO|TE Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook Images CO|TE Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook Images

CO|TE Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook Images

Interview: Siobhan Frew