One-woman band Anna Lena and The Orchids have racked up comparisons to The National and the heartfelt avant-pop of St Vincent. Listen to an exclusive premiere of ‘Miss Audrie’, a song from her upcoming EP.

Anna Lena & The Orchids / Anna Lena and the Orchids press photo

Frontwoman Anna Lena hails from Norway and possesses the magic touch that Scandinavian musicians seem to have in shedloads, bringing a Scandi-pop touch to Kyla La Grange‘s style of haunted, worldly folk. Anna Lena tells us more about the songs on her forthcoming four-track EP:

“I’ve been holding on to these recordings since last year. I just wanted to do them justice. Now I feel very ready to let other people get their own meaning of the songs, so that they can create their own stories around them. These four songs are from four completely different times in my life, therefore I feel

like it represents me very well. Some of them are of fictional characters, inspired by people surrounding me. I still feel like I’m developing as an artist, but I think I’ll always feel that way and that will only push me to keep on creating new stories.”

Anna Lena & The Orchids‘ debut EP is out 21st March, and she will be playing a launch at Sebright Arms on March 8th. annalenaandtheorchids.bandcamp.com