Cool London lad Josh Tuckley from Select explains why he’s a music nerd and dinosaur lover. After reading this you’ll probably want him to be your best friend.

WONDERLUST:  Josh Tuckley

Age: 21

Hometown: Woolwich

I was scouted: In 2010 around Christmas time. I was working as a welcomer at Topman Oxford Street when I was approached by a guy from Select. At first I just laughed it off but then two other agencies also approached me so my sister told me to give it a try.

Hobbies: I’m a flute and saxophone player. I also DJ and run techno/ tech house club nights. I did a cool one recently that had seventies projections, it looked like something from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas!

Current obsession: Peanut butter Twix bars and pizza from a place in Notting Hill.

Pet peeve: Bus drivers

Fear: Spiders

Guilty pleasure: Whenever I wake up I have to have a cigarette. I also love going out and am a bit of a workaholic.

Last lie I told: At the train station I pretended to have lost my wallet.

Dream job: I’d love to be sound engineer or do something in sound design. Hopefully I’m going to be working with a company soon that sets up sound systems for gigs. I’m a real nerd when it comes to music.

Favourite childhood memory: Watching TV program The Dinosaurs and playing lots of sport.

Home is: Vauxhall. It’s so hard to secure a place when you’re jetting off all the time but when I am here it’s nice to stay at my girlfriend’s house or with family. I love being around people all the time.

Favourite London hang out: I’ve got a lot! If I’m ever stressed I like going for a walk, I love walking along the river. I also enjoy people watching so like just hanging out around Trafalgar Square or somewhere like that.

Favourite place in the world: London, it’s a beautiful city.

Dream destination: Japan. I stayed in Tokyo for three months and fell in love with the place. I’ve always been obsessed with Japanese culture and really like the way they treat people. I’ve never been somewhere so nice, polite and respectful.

Favourite food: My dad used to be a pastry chef so he got me into cooking. I really love it, I’m considering going to catering college or working in a kitchen. I make a mean Thai curry.

Dream dinner date: Prince Harry. It would be great to see what he’s really like and find out if some of the stories are true! We would probably just have garlic bread anddrinks.

Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction. I also like anything Tim Burton does & old films. I really really love horror films like spanish horror REC.

Least favourite movie: Anything with Adam Sandler. I can’t stand him or Jim Carrey, they really get under my skin.

Favourite cartoon: Alan Gregory. It’s Americans doing English humour really well. There are only a few episodes but they are hilarious, really blunt and dry.

First gig: The Jets when I was 14 with my friend Callum. Then The Kooks. Between 14 and 17 I went to see bands every week. My sister was a big raver so I started to get into house and tech house, going to proper raves when I was 16.

First CD I bought: Marilyn Manson’s Animals and Pink Floyd.

Favourite song: Want You In My Soul by Lovebirds. It’s got happy summer vibes. I love music as it brings back memories of moments in my life.

Most treasured possession: My saxophone. I saved up for so many years to get it, it’s my baby.

Last thing I bought: A really nice t-shirt and I’m pretty obsessed with trainers

Career highlight so far: Going to Tokyo, that was definitely a highlight in my life not just my career. I also enjoyed working with Bathing Ape as I like the brand.

Future plans: I’m saving to go travelling in the near future and I also definitely want to get into sound design.

Myself in three words: Smiley, funny and chilled.

Photographer David Adams
Fashion Editor and words Francesca Prudente
Grooming Francesca Brazzo
Model Josh Tuckley at SELECT
Josh Tuckley wears vintage camouflage jacket from BLITZ VINTAGE