We had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Wonderland favourite O’shea Robertson from Select talking card tricks, mango juice and getting scouted by Ash Stymest.

WONDERLUST:  O’shea Robertson

Age: 19

Hometown: I was fostered so moved around a lot as a kid from North London to many different places in South London. I stayed with my foster family for eight years so they are really like my family.

I was scouted: Three years ago. I had just finished my exams and was on a bus in Croydon where I bumped into Ash Stymest who gave me a card for his agency and told me to give them a call.

Favourite childhood memory: Probably skateboarding down the hills and roads where I lived with my best friend. We used to do jumps and compete who could stay on their board the longest.

Where is home: It’s now North West London.

Favourite London hangout: The Abbey Tavern, Kentish Town and I hang out at my agency a lot as it’s a good way to get jobs!

Dream destination: Tokyo because I love technology.

Favourite food: Eggy bread, bacon and syrup.

Dream dinner date: Martin Luther King or Obama.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, table tennis and card magic.

Current obsession: Mango juice.

Guilty pleasure: Taylor Swift.

Favourite movie: Drive, everything about it is perfect.

Least favourite movie: Probably the new Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.

Favourite superhero: Spiderman or The Hulk.

First gig: You Me at 6 at Brixton Academy about five years ago. Reading 2010 was good too as Blink 182 was headlining.

Music I like: Everything really, my favourites are metal, hip hop, rock and dub step.

Favourite song: Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You.

Most treasured possession: My playing cards.

Last thing I bought: A Stella.

Career highlight so far: Walking for Calvin Klein.

Future plans: I live for now as that’s the nature of the job. Things change so quickly anything could happen!

Dream job: To be an architect but I think this is also pretty close to a dream job. You get to travel loads, can get paid well and seeing the shoots you’ve been part of feels like a big achievement.

Happiest moment: Getting my own place.

Myself in three words: Cool, happy and tall.

Photographer David Adams
Fashion Editor and words Francesca Prudente
Grooming Lara Himpelmann using DERMALOGICA
Hair Kazuki Fujiwara using L’OREAL
Model O’shea Robertson at SELECT
O’shea Robertson wears jacket by FRED PERRY