Retro, addictive and tinged with soul-infused tones, The Child of Lov is Domino Record’s hottest new act. Shy to emerge, Wonderland caught him by the collar to find about his new found fame, ‘pineapple camel funk’ and what it’s like working with Blur legend Damon Albarn.

The Child of Lov

So who is the mysterious Child of Lov?

No-one mysterious, really. Just a guy who likes to be by himself, likes to do a lot by himself and loves Versace.

What kind of music do you make?
Most of the time I just call it soul music. It’s psychedelic and poppy too, and hip-hop is a big part of it. I’ve called it things like ‘pineapple camel funk’ or ‘intergalactic R&B’, but at the heart of all that I’m striving for the feeling that old, gritty soul music gives me.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Jai Paul and Prince but your artistic roots stem from Georgia, USA. How has this influenced your sound?

I’m a blues lover and I love the work songs and spirituals that more or less originated there. It’s all very painful, but very real too. Apart from that, Georgia is quite special in that it produced so many great artists. If you take a town like Macon, for example, which has brought forth Little Richard, Otis Redding AND James Brown… It’s just ridiculous.

Heal sees you collaborate with Blur legend Damon Albarn. What was it like working with such an established artist?

Damon did some additional production on a few songs, and Heal is one of them. It was pretty cool working with him. I think we’re both quite laid-back but serious and clear-cut in the studio – making decisions wasn’t hard at all.

What’s an average day in the life of The Child of Lov?

I wake up, make coffee, do an interview, listen to some D’Angelo, turn on my computer and start making beats. When I’m satisfied enough, I get out, go to the barber, get a hamburger or something, and go home to search pictures of Kim Kardashian online.

A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer, you’re a man of many talents. Where did you learn to be so dynamic?

Well, discipline and devotion I guess. I didn’t come from a very musical family. We did have a piano at home and I had some lessons when I was like 8, but I didn’t really practice, so that was not a big success. Later, when I was like 14 or 15, I taught myself some piano chords, and started getting into playing guitar as well. I already made beats and I’ve been a hip-hop lover as long as I can remember. Slowly, I also started getting more comfortable with singing, and I started picking up a bass guitar now and then too, so I guess gradually everything just came together.

So you’re a pretty tricky character to tie-down. Is fame something that scares you?

No, not at all – I just wanted the music to lead. Music with a lot of context can sometimes distort, I think. I just want the music to have a real chance starting off. Apart from that, it has given me some space to gradually get used to everything going on at the moment.

You once tweeted ‘honeys over bitches’ – are you a romantic at heart?

Sure, haven’t you heard Rotisserie? Haha. I love sweetness in a woman, but then again, bitches need Lov too!

Have you got plans for an album?

Yeah, the album is coming out in 2013. I just hope to reach the right people with it. Can’t wait to share all these songs with the world, man.

Heal is out now on 7″ and iTunes. facebook.com/thechildoflov

Words: Angus Griffin


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