Jack Royle from D1 isn’t your typical tattooed bad boy, he also writes poetry and knows every line to Mean Girls. Obviously our ideal man…

Jack Royle

Age: 23

Hometown: Plymouth, but I mainly grew up in Liverpool.

I was scouted: A year and two months ago I was working in Topman when a girl approached me to do a shoot for a magazine. From that I did a campaign off my own back and built up a portfolio which I took to D1.

My hobbies are: Writing poetry, playing football and acting.

Current obsession: Tom Hardy, he’s such a good actor.

Pet peeve: When other people wear double denim.

Fear: I hate being alone.

Guilty pleasure: Mean Girls, I know every line from that film.

Last lie I told: That I was older than I am.

Dream job: Actor.

Favourite childhood memory: When my sister and I used to play butty sandwich (we used to fold a mattress in half with me inside and she would lie on top of it).

Home is: I have no fixed address, I float around.

Favourite London hang out: In bed watching films

Dream destination: Asia – but the countryside, not the cities.

Favourite food: Soft boiled eggs with toasted rye bread, peanut butter and marmalade.

Dream dinner date: Abraham Lincoln (but I wouldn’t go home for coffee after).

Favourite movies: Bronson and Mean Girls.

Least favourite movie: Dirty Dancing, an ex-girlfriend made me watch it four times in a row.

Favourite cartoon: Adventure Time.

First gig: Leftover Crack at The Underworld.

First CD: Kanye West, The College Dropout.

Music I like: Punk, 80’s synth pop, grime and a bit of hip-hop.

Most treasured possession: An old Canadian hunting knife I was given for my birthday.

Last thing I bought: You don’t want to know.

Career highlight so far: Dr Marten campaigns as the team is great.

Future plans: Acting and continuing to do short films to go alongside my poetry.

Myself in three words: Charming, insecure and self-destructive.

Photographer David Adams
Fashion Editor and words Francesca Prudente
Grooming Lara Himpelmann using DERMALOGICA
Hair Kazuki Fujiwara using L’OREAL
Model Jack Royle at D1 MODELS
Jack Royle wears coat by MARGARET HOWELL