Halloween weekend is almost here! Wonderland take a look through the best and some of the worst Halloween costumes that the fashion industry has come up with. We run down some spooky tips from the fashion pack, from Alexa Chung as Garth from Wayne’s World to Heidi Klum as, well, everything. What are you going as?

Marc Jacobs as a camel toe

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously (Marc Jacobs as a camel toe)

While technically not a Halloween costume (he donned the outfit for his Christmas bash in 2007), Jacobs deserves praise for being the fashion equivalent of that guy in the zentai suit. People love the full-on commitment, the complete disavowal of potential sex appeal and the willingness to poke fun at yourself. You’re a guy in a furry suit and you’re making people laugh. Big up yourself, Marc Jacobs.

Roberto Cavalli in Karl Lagerfeld costume for Halloween

2. Subtly undermine others (Roberto Cavalli as Karl Lagerfeld)

Lovable pastiche or underhanded diss? Nobody knows. Therein lies the genius of dressing up as your friends and/or rivals. Either way, Cavalli looks amazing as Karl at his Halloween ball in New York. (He might get himself into trouble with New York’s most famous editor, but he’s happy to hold a party there, it seems/2012/04/top-five-fashion-feuds/.) You can easily assemble your own Karl costume: white wig, black suit, studded gloves and stony Teutonic expression – and don’t forget Choupette.

Lydia Hearst Shaw as Page Six columnist for Halloween (Image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images North America)

3. Don’t just go for full-on sexy (Lydia Hearst Shaw as a journalist)

What is this, a sexy convict? Oh right, it’s Lydia Hearst Shaw dressed as a newspaper columnist. Remember this scene from Mean Girls? Yes, Halloween might be the one night of the year most girls can dress like complete sluts with full impunity, but that doesn’t mean you have to sink to Amanda Seyfried levels. Don’t be a cliche. And if you want to dress like a journalist, take a hint from Wonderland – it involves cups of tea and a Blackberry, not eyelash extensions and a jaunty fedora.

Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung in Wayne's World costumes for Halloween

4. Hook up with a costume buddy (Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World)

When you’re stuck for a costume, just pair up with a good mate and the good ideas will start rolling: Wayne and Garth? Bonnie and Clyde? Thelma and Louise? Obama and Mitt? Extra points if you dress as the opposite gender – hey, it’s Halloween, why the hell not.

Pixie Geldof in Halloween costume

6. Generic Tim Burton character is your best friend (Pixie Geldof as… someone)

If you’re stuck for ideas, just think back through the entire Tim Burton back catalogue and choose your poison. All you need is hair that sticks up, dark eye make-up and pale skin. Men should go for their best Johnny Depp impersonation, and women should channel Helena Bonham Carter (as these are the only two people who ever appear in Tim Burton’s movies ever).

Heidi Klum in Shiva Halloween costume (Image: Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com)

5. There will always be someone better than you (Heidi Klum as Shiva)

No matter how many hours you spend slaving over your costume, there will inevitably be a Heidi Klum, i.e. someone who will upstage everyone else. They will have somehow hit upon the magical combination of tongue-in-cheek good humour, natural sex appeal and all-out wackiness. This doesn’t mean you should give up and turn up wearing a black T-shirt and claim you’re Robert Smith. Just accept your place in the natural hierarchy of Halloween parties.

Alber Elbaz as a cat for Halloween (Photo Joe Schildhorn: BFAnyc.com)

7. When all else fails, dress as a cat (Alber Elbaz as er, a cat)

Ah, the humble feline: companions to the night and the ultimate Halloween costume standby – whack on a pair of ears and you’re done. You could draw on some whiskers and cat eyes, but if you’re going to spend your entire night chugging mystery Halloween punch so you know you’ll end up smearing it face anyway. If in doubt, accessorise with Janet Jackson.

Words: Zing Tsjeng


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