Listen to our exclusive Eight and a Half remix of chest-poundingly dark electro outfit Trust‘s breakout song Sulk. Plus, we catch up with frontman Robert Alfons to talk darkwave, food obsessions, and obscure 90s singers.

Trust (Image: Kristie Muller)

We love the cover of your LP – it looks a bit like a crossdressing Robert Smith. What’s the story behind it?

I took the picture myself in an old goth club in Toronto. It was a megaplex goth club I used to go to, but its closed down now. This woman was there by herself, completely dressed up, and she looked amazing so had to take her photo.

Your music’s been called ‘darkwave’, how do you feel about that tag?

This label is something which needs to be elaborated. I don’t know how to define darkwave, but I agree there’s definitely a wavy darkness to our music. At the same time though there’s also pinnacles of light in it too.

How did you and Maya meet?

Maya was drumming in Katy’s band, and at the time I had a bunch of demos which I wanted to make into full tracks- I really wanted to make a band and wanted Katy to be the drummer.

Maya’s still in [electronica outfit] Austra and you don’t always tour as a duo – what is it like playing songs without her?

I really feel that the live show is the best it’s ever been, and it feels most true to how the songs should be represented live. It was amazing working with Maya but the live show is really strong right now.

How does creating a song together work then?

We were both responsible for everything, but I wrote the lyrics. When it comes to making the beats for a track I have a unique way of using music in that I don’t understand it in the traditional way- I’m essentially a self-taught drum programmer.

What was the first record you ever bought?

The first record I ever bought was the first CD my sister introduced me to- Ace Of Base’s The Sign. This is a super dark emotional pop techno dub reggae which still stands up today.

We’ve read a few interviews where you talk about how much you enjoy food. Is food a big thing for you?

Food is important for me – I love food. Nothing’s better than taking break from music with food, I find food really inspiring. If Trust was a dish I guess it would be some sort of stew.

What kind of music are you into? We hear you’re a fan of Jan Terri, which is pretty interesting, to say the least…

Jan Terris so good, she did a Marilyn Manson opening tour and she was incredible- there’s something so genuine and open about her performance and catchy songs. Musically I’m into acts like Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, The Cocktail Twins, Burial. My big sister introduced me to Ace of Base, Real Mcoy, early 90s dance in general.

What’s your new album going to be like?

The new album will involve higher register of my vocals, a lot faster BPMs, it has a sort of bubbling quality which has some sort of twist to it, its almost like I felt as if I was pregnant with an alien when making this album.


Words: Zing Tsjeng
Images: Kristie Muller