Suffice to say that it only takes one look at Gaffy Gaffiero – aka MC Gaff E – to know she isn’t your average rapper. Coming in somewhere between Peaches’ primitivist electro-rap and a queer drag mother from Mars, the fluro-tinted MC is a one-woman theatrical explosion, coming to a party near you.

Gaffy Gaffiero (MC Gaff E) shot by Hatnim Lee

How would you describe your music?

Well, my producer Drugmoney and I cover a variety of genres but as a whole, I would say: dirty, playful, electronic theatrical rap.

How did you start rapping?

One day, my friend Peter Kirk, said he needed a rude MC and asked me if I was interested. We did a one off show together where I wore fluro yellow spandex zentai and rapped our hit ‘Sex in the Zoo – Moo Moo Moo’ (where the instrumental was created entirely from animal noises). When I returned to London that year, I wrote five more raps. When I visited my boyfriend at the time in upstate New York, he insisted we go into his barn-converted studio and lay the vocals down. And just like that… my life took a new and exciting turn!

You’ve been given clothes from some of London’s most fashion designers because they just want you to wear them. How does that work?

Either they are friends of mine already, or they find me on the internet and get in touch wanting me to sport their threads. I think right now is a good time for the fashion world with fresh London graduates doing great colourful things, like Isolated Heroes, Shara HAYZ and Jylle Navarro. My biggest inspiration and favourite London designer, is Carley Hague. We design a lot of my outfits together and she always makes them three times greater than I imagined!

Gaffy Gaffiero (MC Gaff E) shot by Hatnim Lee

Do you consider yourself a fashion muse?

Labelling oneself as a ‘fashion muse’ would be taking yourself too seriously. The way I see it, is designers these days have to play it safe because there isn’t really a market for anything that’s TOO different. So when they see someone like myself head to toe in colour, doing my own thing with my own style… I guess they get excited and inspired.

What’s next for you? What projects do you have coming up?

I’m particularly looking forward to supporting Peaches in Toulouse with my dancing partner on stage, Ylva Falk. We’re preparing a special show for it. Ylva and I also started a band together called ᴍ☰ɢ△ Ω ᴍ☰ɢ△ and we are meeting up in December to work on the album (think tribal space meets cosmic princess vibe) . I’m also working on my one woman rapping musical I plan on taking to Edinburgh Fringe.

You have a strong queer following. How is it different DJing for them as opposed to straight nights?

Queer nights are generally more fun because there’s no pressure on ‘being cool’ or fitting in and and the freaks are more inclined to enjoy disco and making shapes on the dance floor. There’s nothing worse than a stiff crowd who have no musical appreciation

What are your thoughts on pop music scene?

I don’t follow today’s pop. Yawn. The only UK pop star I follow is my friend Charli XCX. She is doing great and it is refreshing to see such a fab young powerful girl on the scene doing something different with her style – dark synth pop. Proud of her!

What’s the last song you cried to?

I am a disco loving woman. I listen to music that makes me happy.

What do you think of Lady Gaga?

I’m not a fan of her music but I respect her as a freak.

What would you say is a common theme in your music?

Encouraging people to let go, give in and just be themselves.

Tell us something we might now know.

Jessie J and I share the same designer so time to time we sport the same threads, in different form.

Gaffy Gaffiero (MC Gaff E) shot by Hatnim Lee


Words and images: Hatnim Lee


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