The golden age of rave might have been killed by long queues, expensive drinks and mean bouncers, but Azari & III are doing their best to bring it back. Listen to a mix specially created by producer Alixander III for Wonderland as lead singer Fritz schools us on the “slutty chaos” that is Azari & III.

EXCLUSIVE:  Alixander III mix

Alixander III – Live From The Junction on NITEBEAT Radio

How did you guys form the band?

Well, Azari & III is the product of Alixander III and Dynamo Azari who knew each other for years in Toronto in passing, and after one crazy evening they got together in a studio and the idea just hatched. Myself and Cedric came along shortly after. It was one of those natural organic occurrences over five or six years.

Were you all quite successful as individuals before forming Azari & III?

We’ve all had years of experience doing different things. I was a backing dancer and so we definitely brought to the table different aspects of what makes Azari & III so fun now.

Do you have a sense of nostalgia for the partying days gone by?

I don’t know if it’s just because we’re getting older but it is definitely different. It’s harder to find parties where it’s about the party rather than debuting your new outfit or finding someone for the night. Everyone’s so hyper-aware and hyper-informed. Because of the Internet it’s really hard to just go out and disappear.

So where do you think carefree partying still exists?

We just came back from Corsica at Calvi on the Rocks, that festival is unique to me as it has only one main stage so everyone is at every show. It’s got that slightly hippie vibe to it, and everyone is just out for a good time.

You’ve been touring for the past two years – how has that been?

I enjoy this, the fun interviews travelling and meeting really fun people. It’s insane the amount of creative kids who are out there. But at the same time, it’s living out of a suitcase, shitty airplanes and bad air conditioning.

Do you have any other solo projects?

We all have separate projects that are kind of in the incubator right now. But you want to keep it fresh and interesting. You don’t just want to do another take of Azari & III.

But you all prioritise Azari & III, right?

Of course. It’s the mothership – it’s what has gotten us here and we all love it so much. But to continue to be creative you need other outlets.

Your sets are pretty infamous. Can you explain what your live performances are like, for anybody who hasn’t seen them?

Our live performances are very much like our lives- loud but somehow you get used to it. It’s chaos, nicely tied-up in a little package… Slutty chaos!

What’s your life motto?

“Lighten up, it’s just music.”

Words: Christabel Reed