Liam Bailey’s knocked about with collaborators like Chase & Status and Amy Winehouse, but the singer-songwriter’s come into his own with his soulful blend of blues and dub. Wonderland catches up with the man himself ahead of his headline gig at Cargo.

NEW NOISE:  Liam Bailey

What are you working on at the moment?

This year I've been really fortunate gig-wise as all of my shows have sold out. My sound has truly started to take a solid form that’s unique to me as an individual and although the lows bite lightly at my ankles, I'm finding a lot of positive things are coming my way. I've been touring, writing with Chase & Status again, and doing a lot of collaborations with people from different scenes & genres which I plan to keep doing. I'm fortunate.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From life, really…. Does that sound cliché? From lots of things: memories or ambitions, wants, losses, gains. The fakery of our fickle systems. The beauty in truth.

Are your songs written about genuine past events/ relationships?

Of course, yes. I'd be a fake if not. I really find it difficult to sing things I haven't been through.

How was it growing up in Nottingham?

Sound. I never got shot, anyway! My mum and dad are hard workers so I was fed and clothed well. I got bullied a few times and most likely bullied a few kids on the way. I shouted at the teacher but never swore at my mum. I got a thorn stuck in my knuckle once picking blackberries and I never found dock leaves to be a particularly soothing remedy for nettle stings. I had a big LP collection. Pretty bog standard stuff really.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

God. Or my 12-year-old self.

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