In a move that had nothing to do with a £1m deal with Channel 4, Gordon Ramsay went to Brixton Prison to selflessly rehabilitate British convicts through the power of gourmet cuisine. So in honour of last night’s documentary ‘Gordon Behind Bars‘, Wonderland takes a look at the best and worst celeb attempts to play Jesus.


(1) Angelina Jolie

Ange, we forgive you for stealing Brad. Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, campaigning to ban landmines – was Jen ever this saintly?

(2) Kevin Costner

This Robin Hood threw £13.5 million of his own money at solving the oil spill crisis in Mexico, funding scientists to create filtering machines that could separate the oil from the water.

(3) Oprah

The talkshow queen built the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls outside of Johannesburg, aimed at educating poor South Africans. It even has its own yoga studio. Never let it be said Oprah doesn’t believe in spoiling the kids.


(1) Tom Cruise

This Scientologist shows us just how the worshipped worship: by spending huge amounts of money, rubbing it in the public’s face and expecting to be told how great he is for doing it.

(2) Bono

Dear Bono: leave the preaching to the Archbishop of Canterbury. And for god’s sake, next time choose a better opening hymn.

(3) Jamie Oliver

Back in 2010, the cheery celebu-chef was moved to tears over America’s most obese city resisting his onslaught of healthy food. If ‘crying over fat people’ was an Olympic category, Jamie Oliver would win gold, silver and bronze.

Words: Christabel Reed