Natasha Law’s elegant, erotic paintings fall somewhere between art and fashion. Anonymous women in various states of undress languidly stretch across eye-popping canvases: all long limbs, pouty lips and bewitching sensuality. Wonderland speaks to the artist ahead of her solo show, “Dust in their Eyes”.

Describe “Dust in their Eyes”. What themes does it explore?

I had a few different ideas I wanted to pursue – what linked some of them was an element of the veil, a fragile barrier between oneself and the others. “Dust in their eyes” was just a phrase that came into my mind.

What references – art, pop culture historical or otherwise – were you looking at?

They were themes I’ve always been interested in from psychological perspective, but the bubble gum aspect definitely started to take over and injected a pop/ candy colour element into it.

When did you first start developing this style?

The style has been evolving over past 15 years – to point where I’m almost done with it now and want get some different kind of result!

Growing up, what influenced your work? What about now?

There were always a lot of posters around the house – theatre, art exhibition and fashion show posters that my mother had loved and kept framed. If I look at the flat, block, colours I seem always to end up creating, I can see a direct link back to that screenprinting. Also photography – those highly stylised and dramatic Guy Bourdin images from the 1970s, I still love those.

What’s next? Any projects planned for the summer?

It’s been a really busy year and the summer has been dangling there ahead of me as reward – I’m hoping I just get to mull stuff over and maybe get some new ideas.

“Dust in their Eyes” opens on June 22 at Eleven Gallery, 11 Ecclestone St, London SW1W 9LX

Words: Jack Mills