Nicholas McCarthy’s newest horror romp The Pact is out nationwide tomorrow. Starring Casper Van Dien and Caity Lotz, the film sees the punishingly hot Caity Lotz tip-toe her way around an a-typicially fettered house of horrors, haunted by the ghost of her mother. In the spirit of all things archaic and terrifying, we look back and screamathons of yore, and compare them to newer entries…


(1) The Shining – 1980

Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) moves into an isolated hotel mid-winter with his wife and son; cabin fever sets in as the ghosts of the hotel’s past appear.

Best scene: Jack’s insanity reaches its peak as he goes after his wife with an axe.

(2) Scream – 1996

Following a mysterious phone call, two high school students are killed. Student Sydney Prescott suspects a link to her mother’s death a year previous as fear sets in.

Best scene: Casey talks to the murderer on the phone, resulting in her boyfriend’s death.

(3) Blair Witch Project – 1999

Three film students set out to make a documentary about the Blair Witch myth, following the story into the woods. One of the students, Josh, disappears after only days of arriving in Maryland.

Best scene: The students release they’re walking in circles and can’t find their way out of the woods.


(1) Vacancy – 2007

Mid-journey and upon their car breaking down in a remote part of America, couple David (Luke Wilson) and Amy (Kate Beckinsale) check-in to a motel. Upon discovering snuff films on top of the TV, the ensues following their attempted escape.

Best scene: When David spares his life in order to allow his wife Amy to escape.

(2) Zombieland – 2009

With an outbreak of disease Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) attempts to make his way home to Ohio in hope of finding his parents alive. Meeting Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) on the way the pair are outfooled by sisters Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock. This film is more comedic than a horror, but still one of our favourites.

Best scene: When Tallhassee kicks some zombie ass in the name of Twinkies!

(3) The Ring – 2003

Seven days after viewing a cursed tape, mysterious occurrences and deaths ensue. After the first death of 16-year old Katie, Rachel, her aunt goes to the cabin where the supposed tape had been watched in hope of finding out why Katie died.

Best scene: When Katie admits to watching the cursed tape.

Words: Kerina Duhra