By night, Shropshire born singer-songwriter Amy Forrester morphs into her musical stage self, AMiTY. Her distinct use of appropriately placed typography, a monochrome image and eclectic range has recently landed Forrester support slots for indie heavyweights Alison Moyet and Heather Peace. With her debut EP i SPY on the shelves and fresh from a sell out UK tour, Wonderland sat down with the one-to-watch to see what the remainder of the year has in store.

For anyone that isn’t already aware of you, please describe AMiTY.

I’m a solo, female, singer songwriter and one woman multi-tasking band. I play guitar, drums and sing in unison, then throw in a loop station to record harmonica, stylophone and all sorts. My music has been described as alternative, acoustic, folk and paired with the likes of PJ Harvey – only happier, apparently.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? Who influences you creative imagination?

My parents brought me up on the likes of Motown, Roxy Music and The Eurythmics, with a Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole influence from the generation before, mixed with Take That being forced upon my ears by my sister. Maybe that helps to explain how I’ve arrived at this current set-up.

You seem to be igniting the live London circuit at the minute. How important is the relationship you have with your fans?

Fans are the main reason you stand under the spot light spilling your lyrical beans. After recently supporting someone who takes the time after each gig to sign anything from a ticket stub to a thigh, I’ve learnt that those few seconds of interaction makes their night and you feel like the hard work is worthwhile. At the end of the day your fans employ you.

Your music seems to have an almost DIY aesthetic, even down to your online videos. Is it important that what you hear on record can be executed in your live shows?

From an EP being recorded in the spare room and a music video made from fridge magnets, DIY is certainly my game. I’ve always pledged to myself that my live shows would exceed the experience you get from listening through the headphones. Not just visually but musically, too. If it’s on the recording then it makes the live show.

You’re a “one woman band”. Do you ever get lonely on-stage with just your instruments as your fort?

The reason I play the kick drum is because the night before my first ever gig I didn’t feel confident enough being a girl with a guitar. So maybe being surrounded by my comfort blanket of instruments distracts me from feeling the loneliness.

You’ve just completed a sell out tour of the UK supporting Heather Peace. How was that experience?

Being the support act for a sell out tour can do nothing but wonders for the CV. Heather praises herself on being an independent artist and for her to reach No. 43 in the album chart makes you believe that your hard work may one day pay the bills. Playing larger venues in different cities makes you reach a whole new fan base. Watching the social network tallies creep up has been insane.

How does it feel to have “celeb” followers on Twitter?

Having the likes of Alison Moyet reading my sometimes inappropriate tweets gets my parents excited if not a little confused – over the concept that she doesn’t actually physically ‘follow’ me. It does feel funny to say.

Your debut EP was received very well by industry critics. What and when can we expect a follow up?

The follow up to the “i SPY” will be my full length debut album, which is currently a working progress and my main focus.

Words: Shane Hawkins