Known for their thought provoking, oft-controversial covers – Time magazine has raised many an eyebrow and pursed many a lip with their latest edition – it sees a mother breastfeeding her son of three years old. While some may argue it’s only natural, we at Wonderland (along with the majority of the population) scream “weird!” So in a timely manner, we’ve put together five of the weirdest Time magazine covers…

(1) Mother breast feeding her son

Top of the list? A three year old suckling on the exposed breast of his mother. Brushing aside the most obvious argument that really he should have stopped breastfeeding quite a while ago, the most disturbing thing is perhaps the fact that his eyes are locked on yours – making you feel like a voyeur into some kind of bizarre, sexual act. Weirddd.

TOP FIVE… TIME weird-out covers

(2) How man began

Any reflective surface. That’s what we vain human beings check ourselves out in numerous times throughout the day. So when faced with the ugly truth of where we came from, it’s kind of unsettling. Ape man on the March 1994 issue of The Times cover reminds us: it’s truth over beauty.

TOP FIVE… TIME weird-out covers

(3) There can only be one

If ever there was an argument for Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton to have a child together – this cover would be it.

TOP FIVE… TIME weird-out covers

(4) The Genius Problem.

What appears to be part porcelain, part child – baby Einstein stares blankly through us from the August 2007 issue of Time magazine. Moustache, bow tie, waistcoat and mussed up long, grey hair on a baby make the cover one of the weirdest ever.

TOP FIVE… TIME weird-out covers

(5) Why main street hates wall street

As if “occupy wall street” wasn’t enough to let investment bankers know how we feel – lets just scrawl on their faces with black marker. Why not, ay?

TOP FIVE… TIME weird-out covers

Words: Alya Mooro