Dropped condoms. Flashing bulbs. Dress fails. Staring eyes. Nip slips. Cheering fans. Awkward falls. All come hand in hand with walking the red carpet, it seems. The walk is no easy feat, as evidenced by the host of complete and utter fails which make the headlines following each and every award show. The most recent fail came courtesy of Glee star Amber Riley, who fainted on the red carpet Tuesday night. The actress claimed to have gotten dizzy from the many flashes erupting from the photographer’s cameras. After trawling the depths of the internet (and some pretty horrendous outfits) we chart the best and worst in red carpet moments.


(1) Beyonce debuts baby bump

While walking the red carpet at the Video Music Awards in August of last year, hip-hop royalty Beyonce used the opportunity to flaunt the fact that she and husband Jay Z were expecting their first child. Posing cradling her baby bump, the moment sparked a flurry of excited tweets and made every single headline, deeming whoever won, lost and performed at the VMA’s that year completely irrelevant. Beyonce, and Jay Z’s beaming smile, sit comfortably atop the red carpets best moments.

(2) Jennifer Lopez’s dress

One of the most iconic dresses ever worn on or off the red carpet; Jennifer Lopez’s sheer green Versace dress is still getting eyes popping and mouths salivating 12 years later. The dress has since been voted the fifth most iconic dress of all time by the Daily Telegraph.

(3) Halle Berry’s dress

Often serving as catwalk for the rich and famous, who is wearing what is a common source of post-award show gossip. Another actress who is no stranger to gushing compliments is Halle Berry, and that dress. Despite taking home the award for Best Actress at the 2002 Academy Awards, Halle Berry’s wine coloured, discreetly nude hand-painted and embroidered gown was all anyone was talking about. For good cause.


(1) Lady Gaga egg

Known predominantly for being really, really weird – Lady Gaga still managed to push the boundaries of expectations when she arrived at the 2011 Grammy awards encased in a giant egg. “Hatching” on stage, the 24 year old singer then proceeded to perform “Born This Way.” So bad it’s good? Almost…

(2) Angelina Jolie’s leg

Spawning its own Twitter account and going viral within hours of its debut, Angelina Jolie’s right leg caused quite a stir at this years Oscars. Flashing her entire leg in a pose that can only be described as seriously awkward, 36 year old Jolie’s apparent determination to show off her lithe limbs attracted a lot of attention. But perhaps not entirely in the way she had wanted…

(3) Britney/Justin denim convo

We should have predicted Britney Spears’ meltdown from the moment she and boyfriend Justin Timberlake turned up at the 2001 American Music Awards in a coordinated denim get-up. Can anyone else taste puke in their mouths?

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Words: Alya Mooro