In the wake of the most recently aired bit of dirty laundry to hit the interwebs, and the question of whether or not the “intimate moment” shared by Tulisa and ex boyfriend MC Ultra would tarnish the squeaky clean image the N Dubz singer and X-Factor judge had been trying to garnish, the 24 year old singer found that, in fact, the world prefers a bit of dirt. How do we know this? FHM placed her at the very top of their sexiest women of 2012 list today. So in timely spirit, Wonderland offer up five success after sex tape stories.


(1) Kim Kardashian

Having hijacked the term “bootylicious” from Beyonce herself, reality TV star and Kanye West’s baby momma shot to the top of most ogled and most Googled celebrity lists following the release of a sex tape with R&B crooner (and Brandy’s little brother) Ray J. Star of reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which has spawned six seasons and an average of 3.11 million viewers as well as clothing line D-A-S-H, Kim is now the subject of a cult following that’s pretty frighteningly intense. And with an abundance of songs written in her honour (including one by current beau Kanye), and one dedicated to her backside – along with her own attempt at stepping into the musical domain with Jam (Turn It Up), Kim K’s story seems to involve nothing but success.


(2) Paris Hilton

Famous for being famous, Hilton Hotel heiress Paris upgraded her brand of celebrity following a leaked sex tape that saw her and ex boyfriend Rick Solomon in what was aptly entitled One Night In Paris. Despite the spotlight having dimmed on her in most recent years, her accolades include actress (she appeared in a host of films and TV shows including House Of Wax), reality TV star, That Simple Life producer alongside Nicole Ritchie, and a bunch of self titled shows like Paris Hilton’s My New BFF and the most recent The World According to Paris. Not to forget her stint at the whole singing thing. Seems we’ve had a lot more than just one night in Paris’s world.

Pamela Anderson's Nude Swimming Scene in Sex Tape
(3) Pamela Anderson

Having appeared in Playboy and Baywatch before her obligatory sex tape scandal – when tapes of her and husband Tommy Lee were stolen and unleashed on the internet – Pamela Anderson was arguably already someone before she really became someone. She was even chosen as Playmate of the Month in February of 1990. But further proof that sex tapes seemingly make the road to success smoother, Pamela’s career continued to flourish following its release, appearing on the cover of GQ, Stuff and other typically drool worthy publications.

Former WWE Wrestler Joanie Laurer, or Chyna, in Her Porno Premiere

(4) Chyna (Joan “Joanie” Laurer)

Former WWE wrestler Chyna unleashed her own sex tape a few years ago in an effort to relaunch her porn career. Entitled Backdoor To Chyna (no imagination required as to figure out why). She has since appeared in Playboy magazine twice, as well as numerous television shows like The Surreal Life: Fame Games and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.


(5) Tulisa

The latest celeb to benefit from a leaking of private parts all over the internet is X Factor judge and N Dubz singer Tulisa. A member of one of the UK’s biggest music groups – with two platinum selling albums – Tulisa’s rise to becoming a household name has recently been facilitated with the leaking of said sex tape. Having trended on Twitter multiple times and most recently voted top of FHM’s sexiest women of 2012 list after her sex tape was leaked, it’s no wonder Tulisa’s gained far more than she’s lost with her video.

Words: Alya Mooro


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