Stunning American actress Beth Behrs has been acting since a very young age. Having learnt her craft treading the boards of theatre, the 26 year old has been on screens since 2009 and landed the role of rich-girl-who-looses-everything Caroline Channing in E4’s hit new American import, Two Broke Girls. Joined on screen by Kat Dennings (who plays Max Black) the leading ladies struggle through the day working at a diner whilst chasing their dream of opening their own cupcake shop. Created by Michael Patrick King – whose writing credits include Sex And The City, Will & Grace and Cybill – and comedienne/actress Whitney Cummings, the show has enjoyed unprecedented success, bagging a People’s Choice Award for “Favourite New TV Comedy” and a second season was commissioned before the first had been finished. Wonderland caught some time with Beth for a quick chat about the show and find out how she got involved in acting.

Is Two Broke Girls a fun show to be part of?
It is! Kat Dennings has become a great friend of mine and she’s so hilarious and talented and we shoot in front of a live audience. It’s fun when they clap and cheer or they’re cracking up. It’s such a cool thing seeing them react.

Do they ever not laugh?
We have an amazing writing staff – Michael Patrick King and all of our writers – who give us alternative jokes and that’s a cool thing as an actor because it won’t be rehearsed and you have to work with it right then. But we’ll always keep them laughing!

What attracted you to your character, Caroline?
I love that she’s not a stereotypical Upper East Side blonde. She is a fish out of water in the restaurant and there are things she doesn’t know, but she’s not dumb. She went to Wharton Business School and has this incredible savvy for money and business. I also love that the girls were never outwardly mean to each other even though they are from different walks of life. I think that’s really refreshing to see – especially to young women out there.

You’re playing a waitress in the show – being an actress, have you had lots of experience of being a waitress in real life?
I have! I worked at an Americanized Mexican restaurant for a while called Chili’s. I’d work in the cocktail area and they served big beer glasses. On my first night I put all the beer glasses on one tray thinking I’d be fine to carry it and I spilt them all on a table of ten people. I went to the bathroom and cried. It was awful. I wasn’t the best waitress

The show has already won a People’s Choice Award and was commissioned for a second season before the first had finished airing – has the success surprised you?
When we were filming the pilot it was a special experience it felt like we’d been doing it for years which I’ve heard from other actors is very rare so I think we knew we had something special and we all loved each other and working together. At least we were having a good time and you hope that energy and specialness translates to the audience and I’m glad it did.

There has also been a bit of controversy attached to the show. Michael was accused of being too crude and touching on stereotypes – do you think some people have failed to notice it’s a comedy and not a documentary?
Yeah and I think Michael said before, everything the characters do comes out of a real place. There’s backlash with everything but we love what we’re doing and we believe in the show and the characters and it seems like the audience agrees.

Controversy is also good in that it means people are watching.
Exactly! We’ve said the word “vagina” on TV like it’s never been said before. Doing comedy is supposed to push boundaries but that’s what makes it new and innovative and exciting. I’m glad, at least, to be a part of that and this whole “women in comedy” loop that’s going on.

Vagina is hardly offensive at all. If you spent a day in our office you’d be shocked by the language you’d overhear.
[laughs] That’s honestly the truth! In most people’s day-to-day life the word “vagina” is not that big a deal but for whatever reason, saying it on network television was a big deal.

According to your Wikipedia, you’ve been acting since you were 4 – is this true?
It is true. I’ve been doing theatre since before I could read. My mom had to read my lines for my auditions. I used to watch The Sound of Music a million times a day and I fell in love with it and kept asking my parents to let me do something like that so they got me into theatre which was great.

You’ve been an ambitious actress your whole life!
Yes, definitely. And I still hope to come to the West End or Broadway eventually. My dream is to do a Broadway or West End musical. I love Les Miserables and The Sound of Music and Wicked. Although I’d also love to be in a new one – is Andrew Lloyd Webber writing a new one any time soon?

We’ll find out and get you a part.
I’ll cut you 10%

It’s a deal.

Two Broke Girls is on E4 Thursdays at 9pm. Beth Behrs will be in a new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical as soon as we have a word with him.