Katie Eary, one of London’s most promising young designers, showcased her AW12 collection Darker Side of the Fairy Tale today. We were treated to another viewing of her sombre short film – styled by Wonderland’s Wey Perry featuring interplaying textures and silhouettes – and sat down with Katie to discuss the darkly fantastical collection. Pick through our exclusive pictures of Monday’s event, above.

All of your collections seem to have a bold theme, what was the particular theme behind your AW12 collection?

Yeah, there’s always such a strong theme. Like this one was everything dark to do with fairy tales. With every kid’s fairy tale, like Sleeping Beauty or Lord of The Rings, there’s always this dark army growing, so I just wanted to create one. This whole collection was truly self-indulgent, my first completely independent line away from The British Fashion Council and NEWGEN. I felt free to do whatever I wanted and it was very exciting. From the elf ears to the crazy war hammer trainers, we pulled out the stops for everything.

So, what was the inspiration behind your theme this time round?

You’ve got to start somewhere. Mine was coming up with the theme and an idea. I don’t know all these things just come to me and I just thought well, I love creating all this sort of mad stuff and how can I tie in War Hammer and Zelder and Dungeons and Dragons.

Did you like all that sort of thing when you were younger?

Yeah, I loved War Hammer. I never played it but I was always looking in windows and all the guys who play it are super nerdy. They literally get a ruler out and they battle and they take it really serious. Obviously, I wasn’t into it that sort of way. Their names are hilarious; there’s one called something shaggeth. It’s just jokes really.

Did you have any challenges with the collection?

Yeah, well this one was extremely couture and made by hand. My whole teams hands are usually covered in cuts and edge-dye and leather, all of the black it goes into little cuts and your fingers so by the time it comes to a show they all look like little goblins and the same with me. This one was even harder considering the materials that we used. I could use whatever I wanted; leather, pony skin, fur. So many textures. You would never usually have a completely pony skin bag because of the sheer weight of it but we just didn’t want to spare anything. The idea was how can we make everything look evil. Probably the hardest we’ve ever dealt with.

What’s going to be happening for you in the future?

I want to work in a big fashion house and I have been approached by one but can’t say just yet who it is. That is like the dream. I feel like it’s happening. I’ve worked for some incredible people already like Kanye [West]. It’s amazing because it means that I can see my dreams form. Money has always been a problem, even when you have good jobs. Things get more expensive season by season so it always feel like you are just coasting and can’t make any more. Where as if you have something like that going on, you can realise your dreams.

W you not feel like you were quite controlled working In House?

This is an adventure. I have no idea how it’s going to work. All I know is that I have a vision and they approached me because they love what I do so hopefully, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. They’ve pulled me in for a reason. They need rejuvenation and that’s defiantly something that I can give.

Words: Millie Cotton
Images: Amina Nolan