Blackest Ever Black is London’s Kiran Sande (better known as FACT magazine’s deputy editor). The label, just two years young, pushes a distinctive brand of dark, undulating techno, slathered in intoxicating sub-bass and cavernous atmospherics. Sande sat down with Wonderland to discuss its inception, and projects past, present and future…

When did BEB start? Who runs it?

Blackest Ever Black was founded in Soho, London, some time in 2010. The label is run by myself, Kiran Sande.

How did you go about contacting and grouping together its rosta – did you feel there was a certain mood in a few unsigned acts that would fit nicely together under one roof?

I relied largely on blind luck and happenstance. Like minds have a way of finding each other, it would seem. That said, to begin with I conceived of the label really just as an outlet for Raime’s music and my frustrations, and it was only later that I realised there were other artists out there who shared our sensibilities, and who might wish to associate with us.

Certainly on its blog, the label follows a distinctive visual aesthetic, too. Where are its pictures usually sourced? Is mysticism a key theme for BEB?

The pictures are borrowed and stolen from far and wide, and then hurriedly, haphazardly treated. I don’t think mysticism is really a key theme for BEB at all, but it’s probably fair to say that mystery, and mysteriousness, is: the romance and the erotics of the not quite fully comprehended.

Which other emerging labels do you think deserve more exposure (this isn’t a ploy to fill future “labelmaker” content! – ed.)

There aren’t many. Off the top of my head, I’d say Ideologic Organ, Dais Records, Preserved Instincts, VON and Posh Isolation.

How will the label continue to expand this year?

No plans for expansion, just persistence. Albums on the way from Regis, Young Hunting, Raime and more. A new limited edition 7″ sub-label called Confessions. Oh, and beginning April 12th, a semi regular clubnight at The Waiting Room (formerly The Drop) in Stoke Newington, London, with resident DJs Raime, Demdike Stare and myself.

Words: Jack Mills