Christophe Lemaire‘s newest collection for SS12, Radical Simplicity, premiered today on tastemaking online boutique The Corner. To accompany the launch, Lemaire sat down with Wonderland to pick through his keenest inspirations and have a go at explaining “Garde Robe”, his signature designing concept.

What can we expect to see in Radical Simplicity – what themes does it explore?

The Capsule presents a very concise and essential set of six shapes in timeless black and white conceived to be mixed-and-matched in countless combinations. It nourishes the fantasy of a light suitcase, filled only with the bare essentials.

What were the biggest inspirations behind it – film, music, books, current affairs and so on – ?

It is always difficult to identify inspirations clearly. This capsule idea very simply came from the desire to propose very simple shapes that are timeless and embodies the moto of the brand: to create a garment that is completely wearable for a diverse range of individuals looking for pieces both quiet and singular.

Why did you choose Thecorner.com as a platform for your new work?

Thecorner.com is one of the only online platforms that give room for the brand’s own identity, respecting it and putting it forward. It also offers the sharpest brand universe.

Summarise what you mean by the concept “garde-robe” in a sentance.

The ideal ‘garde-robe’ should be convertible, timeless and friendly. It represents what you are and how you see yourself. It is not superficial at all.

Stream The Corner’s video interview with Lemaire from Wonderland‘s Vimeo channel, below:

Words: Jack Mills