Vauxlair – a concept photography site launched in Australia last month – walks in and around the homes of anonymous people, laying bare details and objects entirely out of context and without explanation. Its creator, who wishes to remain anonymous, executes the simplest of ideas – think a rustic take on MTV Cribs – with a tailored style, and spoke to Wonderland today about the project.

How, when and why did you think up the concept of Vauxlair?

The idea has been floating about my brain for years. A recent job loss left me with a lot of spare time. It felt like the right time to birth this idea that’s been lingering in my head for way too long.

How did the concept come about?

Well, firstly Vauxlair isn’t original by any means. Magazines, blogs and websites have been publishing photos of homes for many years. I feel that Todd Selby and MTV Cribs were the ones that really took this concept of showcasing people’s living spaces too that next level. They picked subjects of interest (celebrities, artists, socialites, musicians, well known people and so on) and took viewers inside their homes. Vauxlair is just another take on these existing platforms.

How did you go about putting it into practice?

I sketched up a layout of how I wanted the site to look. I then took it to a friend of mine who’s a developer. A couple months later, there it was floating about in this crazy, ever-changing world of the internet.

What’s its core aim? Is it an insight into everyday bedroom Australia in a usually elusive social media-distorted world?

Apart from being another time killer, its aim is to provide insight. Insight into people’s living spaces – the roof that covers their head, the bed they sleep in, the books they read, the food they eat, the art that hangs on their walls, the socks that keep their feet warm and the dirty dishes that sit by their sink.

What’s your background in blogging/photojournalism?

I have absolutely no background in blogging, websites or photography – but I had an idea.

What kind of resistance have you faced from subjects so far? How do you typically go about pursuading people to get involved?

Surprisingly, I’ve had no resistance. Ok, maybe one or two but on the whole everyone has been totally open to the idea. With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, nothing’s a secret anymore and I think for the most part everyone is used to having their lives blasted and documented all over the net. People share what they love. Many love their homes and are more than happy to share them with you.

Words: Jack Mills