Globally lauded Danish fashion designer Peter Jensen, known for his detailed and oft-embroidered mens and womenswear, has been asked to guest select the forthcoming installment of Test Presents in London next Thursday. Wonderland caught up with Jensen to pick through his choice, Alan Clarke’s racy 1986 film, Rita, Sue and Bob Too.

What interested you about the Test Presents project? What did you know about it prior to your involvement?

I really liked this idea because it gave the opportunity to do something really selfish. I love films, so what could be better then this? It is like you are watching your favourite film in your living room but with other people that are into the same film. It is just a great film and not because a someone has told you that this is a good film. I knew about Test from my friend Julie Verhoeven, who has shown a film with Test herself (which I unfortunately missed as I was away, sorry!). I bet there will be a clever person watching the film, who knows much more about it than me and asks me some questions that I don’t know the answers to which makes me a bit scared, but all I want is to watch the film.

How long did it take you to choose the film? How hard did you deliberate over the choices?

This film was a big influence on my move to England, so it didn’t take me very long to say Rita, Sue and Bob Too. I really love this film and wanted to see it on the big screen again.

What would be your second choice? Why?

I was thinking about the Kingdom (series) by Lars von Trier Part 1 and 2. It is eight hours long and very Lars von Trier, but with Danish actors and the film is in Danish which seems to be very much the thing in the UK at the moment. You don’t have to answer questions anymore if Denmark is a city in Holland, after The Killing it seems like that the UK has discovered a new country! Kingdom is my favorite von Trier film. I was also thinking about Whatever Happen To Baby Jane? for really selfish reasons, as I would love to see this old gay film on a big screen.

Describe Rita, Sue and Bob Too in five words.

Clever, fun, sexy, unity and Mrs Thatcher.

How has film influenced your work through the years?

I would say that at times it has meant a lot. For our SS06 collection, we used Sissy Spacek as our muse and built the collection around three of her films – Badlands, Carrie and The Coal Miner’s Daughter. It was really good to just look at the films and use them as a working tool and reference points. Other than that we used Meryl Streep as the muse for the Resort 12 collection. I love watching films, which sounds like a cliche, but it brings some peace to ones head and you can live in another world for the duration of the film.

What has been the best recent film you’ve seen – let’s say from the past five years?

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

The film will screen on Thursday 15th March at 7.30pm at the Council Chamber Screening Room, Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green. Tickets are £5.

Words: Jack Mills