MINKPINK knows what it means to party. The Sydney-spawned clothing brand – formed on a premise of fun, fashion-passion and brass balls sincerity in 2005 – plan to pump their newest campaign to the furthest reaches of the globe. Wonderland spoke to its founder, Rachel Evans, about the event.

Explain the MINKPINK concept? What does it involve?

MINKPINK is all about creating original unique clothes that are real, unpretentious, and ooze personality.  We don’t follow trends, rather the mantra “be brave and free”. Our five designers all inject their own personality in to the ranges, so there is something for every girl.  We love vintage, the nineties and things that are a little bit quirky!

How far will the campaign reach and how is it being marketed?

This year we are going global in a big way.  We’re already stocked in some of the coolest boutiques and department stores across the globe, from Tokyo to New York and London, and word is spreading. We’ve just launched our global photoshoot and video campaign, and our “Make Your Mark” competition which asks MINKPINK girls to get creative with our logo. And we have some more global fun on the way…

Who thought of the idea – how and when was it conceived? What inspired
 the idea?

It started off with me and a little idea, and it has grown over the last seven years into something I could only have imagined. Now we have a great team of talented designers, and a wonderful in-house team.  The concept was to provide great fashion without a ridiculous price tag, for girls who aren’t into cookie-cutter fashion.

It’s the first global MINKPINK project – are you nervous about this?

Not at all, we’ve already had such an amazing reception overseas, and we are constantly overwhelmed by the response – we just want to give our fans more of what they want. And we hope they like what we’ve done!  It’s also the first year we have designed a specific global range – giving our sisters in the Northern hemisphere what they need for the cooler months.

How will you go about developing and building the project?

We’ve got lots of exciting projects brewing, from customisation competitions, to video installations, to “Style Off” competitions, our idea is to build a global creative community of MINKPINK fans. Watch out world! MINKPINK is taking over…


Words: Jack Mills