Wonderland spoke to London’s The Brick Lane Gallery, whose day-glo coloured and richly multidisplinary new exhibition “Layers” opened last night.

What’s the idea behind Layers? What themes does it explore?

With all of our group show exhibitions we want to give emerging artists the opportunity to show their work to the public, while encompassing a diverse
range of different techniques and ideas. Layers, a term both playful and rich in metaphor, describes perfectly the artistic struggle to explore our modern day life in all its dimensions, touching upon themes such as privacy, media and beauty.

After coming up with an idea for the show, how did you go about selecting pieces for it?

We can choose from a wide range of artist’s portfolios that have been send to us for this exhibition.

What mediums will be on display in it?

We are proud to present both painted and photographical works in our upcoming exhibition.

How it the gallery space used for it?

By making use of our two gallery-floors we can secure the individuality of each artist while still presenting a harmonious, outstanding and highly
interesting exhibition concept.

What’s on the cards next at BLG?

Next will be another Art in Mind exhibition the title of which has not yet been released. Watch this space!

Words: Jack Mills