What sort of fashion designer is sponsored by Burger King, you may ask? Spanish import Roberto Piqueras‘ fusion of athletic irony teamed with oversized and sometimes “unwearable” garments is slowly projecting him into the east London fashion hall of fame. Reigning from Barcelona and now residing in his new home of London, Wonderland wanted to find out exactly how the fast food chain collaboration came to light, just before he unveils his new collection a week from today in Bethnal Green, London.

You recently relocated to London from Spain. What was the motive for this?

Well, I thought a lot about it and I’d already moved from Barcelona to Madrid and once to Mexico for a few months, but I knew I belonged in London.

How does London differ from Barcelona?

Barcelona is a good place for a vacation and to enjoy the weather, but in Barcelona fashion doesn’t really exist unlike in east London, where you can see young talents trying to do something new and be fashion pioneers.

How has your creative ideas and imagination changed since shifting cities?

I’m very influenced by the city I’m living in at the moment, but I don’t forget where I’m from. I think my new collection fuses both British and Spanish influences.

You’re being sponsored by Burger King in the past – how did that collaboration happen?

Burger King runs a competition in collaboration with Madrid Fashion Week for young designers, so I entered and won. The idea is to help young designers to develop. I get sponsored to live in London, develop my collections and find new stockists.

Roberto Piqueras Summer 2012 from Roberto Piqueras on Vimeo.

Why did you decide to study fashion design?

I’ve loved art from a very young age. When I was a teenager I was buying a lot of music magazines like Rolling Stone and i-D, and step by step I could see my interest in fashion progressing. I decided to study fashion in Barcelona because I enjoyed it so much.

How would you define your style?

I would define it as sporty and ironic, with lots of humour.

You have a love for over-sized garments. Would you say that the majority of your pieces are slightly unwearable?

At the moment my pieces are uni-sized because the cost is low, but eventually my designs will cater for everyone, no matter what size you are.

Who are you favourite designers or fashion Houses at the moment?

Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, Cassette Playa, Moji-Moji and Jeremy Scott. I love Katie Eary, too.

How did your collaboration with Reebok happen?

We didn’t really collaborate. They borrow my footwear for the shows but we haven’t really worked together – maybe that can happen this year.

Your past collection featured garments completely covered in Olympic rings and that was the theme of the whole collection. Was it a conscious effort to do that to time it with the London 2012 event?

Not really. The theme of the rings was there because the 1992 Olympics were a huge thing for Barcelona and part of its history. I made prints that featured bull-fighters and Gaudi pieces, too. I like to imprint some heritage onto my work. I’m proud to be Spanish.

Who is currently inspiring you and your work?

Tumblr is a huge inspiration right now. I think the internet has had a massive effect on fashion designers’ work.

Who would you really like to see wearing Roberto Piqueras?

All the guys in studioboyo.com.

What can we expect from Roberto Piqueras in 2012?

Full prints, Tumblr, candy caps, scarfs, bags, fake tattoos, diamonds, Photoshop and hair braids. I want to be a walking GIF.

Roberto’s AW12 show will take place on March 2nd at Canrobert St, Bethnal Green, London.

Words: Shane Hawkins
Lookbook Photography: Alis Pelleschi
Roberto Portrait: César Segarra
Video: Coco Capitán