If ever there was a hazy line between a catwalk show and a performance, it was at PPQ at London’s Somerset House. There was a stylish sort of carnage finding the way to your seat amidst all the trendy, young celebs on the front row and photographers swarming to take a photo of someone dressed from head to toe in yellow latex.

The models, adorned with love heart shaped beauty spots, took to the catwalk, hair bouncing along to a 90s soundtrack. Romantic outerwear was a focal point of the show. Burly, mohair scarves were attached to high collars and draping layers of fabric flowed loosely to the floor.

Just as we were getting worried that the collection was weirdly restrained for PPQ, out came unapologetic slashed backed print blouses, furry gym pants and bling; over the top embellishment is expected of PPQ and they did not fail to deliver. Oversized visors accompanied black latex and ballooned chiffon sleeves. The 50s glamour of the evening wear catapulted the show to the next level.

The models returned to the catwalk, wheeling vintage bicycles beside them, for a very Hollywood ending. By the finale of show there was no doubt in everyone’s minds that the PPQ girl has swag.

Words: Millie Cotton