The demon lovechild of an indie pop group and a goth rock band worthy of 80s stardom, Trust is no longer exclusively something to be broken by cheating on your significant other. An electronic duo from Toronto, Trust has been on the iTunes of music dorks for years. Their EP, Candywalls, received its fair share of internet fanfare, but for the most part Trust has been patiently hovering a shade below the radar. At long last, the group is poised to enter the mainstream since their latest single, Sulk, dropped on Arts & Crafts records last month. Although Maya Postepski (of famed indie group Austra) may be the better known of the duo, it is the low, penetrating vocals of Robert Alfons that make Trust a standout. At first meeting, it seems borderline impossible that such a sound could be emitted from this delicate, charming creature. I sat down with Robert to discuss Trust’s slow rise to fame, his hometown of Toronto and Joy Division.

Your highly anticipated debut LP, TRST is coming out next week, tell us a bit about it.

It’s a collection of songs written over the last few years. There’s definitely a deep sense of nostalgia involved in the album, and not a retro feeling. Yet I think that the album is also about reviving and gazing. I wonder what it is? The low voice? Joy Division and New Order made stunning music, I’m honoured to be compared to them. But I don’t think our music will ever be as good.

Trust – Bulbform by Arts & Crafts

I recently attended a warehouse party Trust was involved in. How has Toronto’s unique club culture influenced you as an artist?

Toronto is a great city! Keep in mind that Carol Medina and Love Inc were from Toronto. There are a number of groups from Toronto currently making it big (Azari and iii and Egyptrixx to name a couple), do you think Toronto is having a “moment”? I’m so sick of hearing people in Toronto talk about New York being the best place in the world. Toronto has exactly what an artist needs to be successful.

And in your opinion what’s that exactly?

I think that Toronto is more affordable, there’s not such obligation for constant social life, there’s health care.

In today’s cyber culture, artists can reach fame pretty quickly, what do you think it takes to have staying power these days? Do you take this into consideration?

I get overwhelmed by the fast pace these days. I’m someone who simply can’t rush, I’ve spent 5 years with some of the songs on this album. I’ve become so attached to songs in the past that I’d get scared to let anyone listen. For the future, I hope to have the opportunity to continue making and playing music that I feel passionate about.

What’s after the album, a tour perhaps? 

Yes! We’re doing some American dates in March and April and then making our first visit to the UK and Europe in May. We’re very excited!

TRST is released 02/28/12 on Arts & Crafts

Words: Allyson Shiffman