Club DJ, remixer and dance music genius Jake Williams is better known by his stage name moniker, Rex The Dog. Under this guise, the music maestro has remixed the likes of Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, The Knife and Soulwax, has created a dog logo that has become a fashion must have, and runs a club night called BREED. The fourth BREED takes place at London’s Dalston Superstore this Friday (3rd February) with DJ sets from Rex and his friends RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser. We talk to the DJ ahead of this banging electro club-fest.

It’s the fourth BREED club night at Dalston Superstore – what will be going on this time?

Well, we’re taking over the venue with our Robo Rex models hanging upstairs, and the laser-eyed Robo Rex guarding the DJ booth downstairs. The music downstairs comes from the BREED Posse: RUFUS&Bambi, Pleasure Cruiser and me… We’ve got lots of new electronic music to play, and also we’re giving away 50 T shirts, which is kind of a BREED thing now.

What has been the highlight of the previous 3 Breed nights so far?

It’s probably seeing everyone in the T shirts, like a little squad, its really great when the music is peaking to see everyone dancing in our own shirts! And then we occasionally see someone in the street wearing one and that’s a nice feeling.

Um, what is the meaning of the club name….?

Er, I’ve heard that it actually means something kind of sexual and creepy, but I’m trying to ignore that. It’s really just a doggish way of saying that we’re a gang, doing our own particular thing.

As Rex The Dog you have remixed a number of high profile music acts – which has been your favourite collaboration so far?

Um, the highlights are probably Fever Ray and The Knife. I’m a big fan of Karin’s songwriting and her voice. Depeche Mode was amazing to do too. I’m a massive fan of their earlier stuff.

Who else would you like to remix?

I’ve been so spoiled with Depeche Mode and The Knife that there aren’t really any artists I’m craving to work with. The best thing is to be offered great songs that can be flipped into electronic versions… doesn’t matter who the artist is really.

As a club DJ, what is your favourite tune to play?

That varies from night to night! Sometimes a track really works at one party, but not at another. But I like big electronic basslines at the moment. And acid, wibbley acid.

And what track never fails to get the clubbers going?

Hmmm, is there ever a failsafe track ? I’m not so sure. For a while ‘Adyra’ by Duoteque would blow the roof off nearly wherever you were. But apart from that, maybe ‘I Feel Love’ can be just about relied upon…

Is Rex The Dog house trained?

No, god no.

BREED is at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High St, London, E8 2PB from 9pm to 4am. Entry is free and 50 free Rex The Dog T-shirts are up for grabs on the night. Visit rexthedog.net for full details and follow rex on twitter @rexthedog1980 for t-shirt vouchers.