Megan Mackenzie Jones’ stone-cold works – showcased at last month’s Vancouver Fashion Week – evoke scenes of barren, ice-capped mountains, lantern-lit cabin retreats and taxidermy. Jones, who also designs winged jewellery wear, couldn’t be sunnier in person though, and recently sat down with Wonderland to talk us through her bracing collection.

How did Vancouver Fashion Week go? What was the feedback like?

It was an amazing experience. It has only been my third show, and every time I exhibit I am floored by how wonderful the people involved are. It was a beautiful venue and my models were amazing.

Most of your works have a wintery feel. What’s your ideal winter travel spot?

I am so fortunate to live within driving distance of the mountains – my favourite spot is Banff National Park. I love nothing more than curling up by a fireplace with my sketchbook and tea and watching the snow fall. I find peace and calm in snowy scenes – they often inspire my work.

How do you see both your jewellery and garment designs evolving in the new year? What ideas are you toying around with at the moment?

I am currently designing a collaborative collection with my close friend Danielle Cameron. Her input has been so valuable to me in the past. We’re planning to work on a bridalwear-esque collection together. I’ll be continuing to explore nature-inspired work, though. As for jewellery, I’ll be developing my flora and fauna collections, as well as completing my nine-piece ‘Death’ series, finishing with robin, cardinal, redwing blackbird and canary designs.

Which do you prefer designing for – jewellery or clothes? Which is trickier?

I enjoy both, but they satisfy my material obsession in different ways. Fabric is free-moving in a way that metal is not and metal is strong and structural in ways that fabric is not. I consider jewellery my main occupation, because fashion to me is a medium that satisfies my imagination – jewellery is much more limited than fashion.

You’re a fan of nostalgia. What’s your earliest childhood memory?

My parents lived on a farm when I was young. I remember a winter’s day in the pasture, bundled up in a snowsuit, with our two horses, two dogs and silly, fat black cat.

What’s your favourite decade – fashion-wise – and why?

I am influenced by many eras, really, but the Victorian and Edwardian times regularly inspire me.

New year’s eve 2011/12 – what kind of trouble will you be getting yourself into?

My boyfriend, some friends and I will be heading out to the mountains to enjoy a relaxing end to the year at the Banff Springs Hotel – filled with Baileys and hot chocolate, shopping and massages!

Words: Jack Mills