Model Mugshot:  Aaron Frew
We had the pleasure of spending time with D1 Models’ Aaron Frew. The 5’7” model (who is one of the hot new faces of CK One) kept us in fits of laughter all afternoon.

I was discovered:
A photographer scouted me on Myspace when I was16 yrs old. I then approached the model agency D1. They refused me at first because of my size but then decided to give me a chance. Six weeks later I got CK One!

Before modeling I was:
Studying beauty back home in the Midlands. I am a fully qualified beauty therapist! I also assisted stylists but I always wanted to be a model. I used to flick through the Next directory. My mum always said follow your dreams, there is no such word as “can’t” so if you want it, go for it. I was a fat kid, I used to eat everything but I didn’t want to give up on my dream so I dieted for two years. I don’t have a complex about my weight though and even though I’m slimmer now I look at people like Beth Ditto and think they are incredible. I don’t think you only have to be small to be beautiful. I also still have McDonalds and Dairy Milk. I think Dairy Milk is my beauty secret. I eat it before bed and I wake up happy! I really want to go to the Cadbury World; I want to dive into a stream of Dairy Milk like in Willy Wonka.

When I’m not modeling:
I love to sleep. I’m also always on Twitter and like going on blogs. I love shopping and spending money.

Music I like to listen to is:
R&B and I love dancing. I think my dancing is a de-stress. I don’t drink or do drugs so I get my buzz from dancing. I zone out like I’m on something but I’m not!

My favourite place in London is:
East London. I always stay East and hang around Brick Lane and in Joiners. Especially during fashion week, after all the parties I head straight for Joiners or The George and Dragon. I also like going to Hampstead because I love all the pubs.

Fashion Week shows I walked in this season:
I was confirmed for James Small after the fashion video I did for him with Jamie Winston. I don’t do that many shows because of my height but I’m hoping to change that. I attended lots of shows and always get excited about Topman, Fred Butler and Piers Atkinson.

Photographers I would like to work with are:
Steven Meisel was a dream to work with and I think Steven Klein is a genius. I did a nude shoot with Terry Richardson which was fun. I love nude shoots. I did one for Vogue and another for Electric Youth Magazine with a dog, which was really nice. I also think Koto Bolofo’s photos are beautiful.

My favourite items of clothing are:
The new Burberry loafers I just ordered; I think they’re amazing. I also usually wear a black snap back cap but I’m not today because of my blow dry. I also love Dr Martens. I like the leopard print skin ones but second hand are the best.

Designers I would like to work with are:
I do love Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci is a genius. I also like what Versace is doing right now. Jeremy Scott is another favourite. I think I could do really well for him.

A person in fashion that inspires me is:
I know it sounds cliché but Kate Moss. She is my true utter muse. I would love to work with her. She is shorter than the average model and it’s funny because she also did the CK campaign in the 90s which made her. My anchor tattoo represents her, it’s the same design and in the same place that she has it.

The tattoos I have are:
I have a heart key on my butt and the lock on my finger. Someone can find the key to my lock. I have a massive fear of needles but I love tattoos. I love getting little unique ones. All my tattoos mean something.

Best fashion moments so far:
Obviously CK and getting to go to New York and Paris with it. It was such an incredible shoot. It all started with me answering three questions for a little video casting for Steven Meisel. I was just being me and didn’t realise how big the job was until I was waiting at a fitting and in walked Lara [Stone], Eliza [Cummings] and Pixie [Geldolf]. Eliza is amazing, she is so chilled. I wish her good luck in everything she does and Lara now calls me her little brother.

In the future I would like to:
My aim is to become the first ever short male supermodel. In castings I’m always put down because of my height but I think fashion is changing. A successful model now comes in so many different forms so I have it in my heart that it will happen for me. When I was at school all the boys were like sheep. I would get bullied for being different but I would rather be my crazy and unique self than like everybody else. Those guys are probably the rioters now, wearing their trackies and still acting like sheep. It’s funny because now those bullies who ripped me for my hair or something are adding me on facebook saying they knew I would make it. I’m a big fan of Jessie J especially her song Who’s Laughing Now!

Interview and photo by Francesca Prudente


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