Model Mugshot:  Sam Lawson
North London boy Sam Lawson from Select came by for a quick Q&A

I was discovered:
When a photographer came into my work and asked if I wanted to do some test shots. I didn’t do much with it at first but then decided to look up a modelling agency and see what happens.

Before modelling I was:
Doing amateur boxing, at college studying Sports Science and working part time in retail.

When I’m not modelling:

Boxing and I like a little bit of shopping

Fashion Week shows I walked in last season:

I only do editorial and campaigns because of my height

Photographer I would like to work with:
Alasdair McLellan is the photographer that discovered me and I’ve worked with him loads, which I really enjoy.

My favourite items of clothing are:
Jackets and Stone Island clothing

Tattoos/ piercings:
I haven’t counted how many tattoos I have (counts)…six. I’m addicted, I will definitely be covered in them! I keep them old-skool, my dad also has swallows and a panther.

My model life so far:
As long as the people I’m working with are fun I don’t mind what I do. I take everyday as it comes.

Best fashion moment so far:
The Merc clothing campaign I did on the Isle of Wight was funny. It was nice to shoot for four hours then spend time on the beach.