An early look at the new campaign from Merino Wool on Wonderland TV.

Ever been to the Delano on Miami’s South beach? For those that haven’t: the best thing about it is its huge foyer, empty apart from a few prominently (and illogically) placed designer chairs and huge swags of linen that dangle from the ceiling to the floor. It’s like walking through a dream, or a Dali painting. Well, if a Dali painting ever finished with a massive pool and loads of really cheesy house music.

Anyway, in the new Merino Wool video campaign, which we premiere here, the peerless textile brand has captured some of the same kind of magic (without the blaring beats of course). As the dreamy set piece unfolds, a young woman glides sensuously through drapes hanging from the ceiling, as if wandering through a rather beautiful version of her own subconscious. Though the super soft folds of fabric might appear to be fine chiffon or silk, it’s all (of course) Merino Wool, which is rightfully renowned worldwide for its unsurpassed fineness and softness.