Model Mugshot:  Marcelina S

Taking time out of her busy day, running around London for go sees, the lovely Marcelina S from Premier Models stopped by to have a chat with Wonderland fashion assistant Francesca Prudente.

I was discovered:
Aged 13, when I sent my photo into Polish magazine Girl. Girl and a model agency were doing a model of the month feature. One month I was featured and then I was selected from all the girls featured that year and was awarded the Girl of the year prize. So here I am!

Before modelling I was:
(laughs) still at school as I was only 13.

When I’m not modelling:
I like painting, drawing and reading books but it’s hard to focus when I’m traveling all the time and going to classes in the gym.

Fashion Week shows I walked in last season:
I stopped doing shows three years ago as I wanted to complete my last year at high school, which is very important in Poland. I was exhausted by 17 so it also gave me some time to have a break, learn to drive and do things I hadn’t had time for.

My model life so far:
Has been non-stop. I modeled for four years while still at school then moved to Paris for six months before moving to New York. I love it so much, it’s a dream come true!

Photographer I would like to work with:

Steven Meisel! I would also like to work more with Greg Kadel and I really enjoyed working with Paolo Roversi.

My favourite items of clothing are:

Earrings, I have five holes so I’m always wearing a pair and I never go out without a bag…and shoes, right? (laughs)

Designer I would like to work with:
I’ve been lucky enough to work with all my favourite designers. I have worked with Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel but haven’t walked in one of his shows which I love to do. I would also like to walk for Versace.

A person in fashion that inspires me is:
I can’t think of anyone in fashion off the top of my head but I think Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman.

Best fashion moments so far:
Prada show, an editorial for French Vogue and the Dior show. The Dior show was an amazing show! It wasn’t just a fashion show it was almost like acting.

Photography and Interview by Francesca Prudente and Gary Salter