Lacoste celebrates its 80th anniversary with collaborations by nine top French design houses, including Hermes and Boucheron.

HBO hit Game of Thrones wrapped up its third series last night. Obviously, the main question left on our lips is: who is the best dressed of Westeros?

Someone at Prada clearly knows their Olivier hopefuls from their Oscar winners. Check out the new autumn/winter campaign here.

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After producing Chris Levine’s large-scale holographic stereogram of Kate Moss, sculpture artist Jeff Robb unveils his own solo show this week in London. 

Raf Simons debuts his latest Dior campaign film. Watch the Depeche Mode-soundtracked film here.

This week in Hit List, we’re turning red with the best blushers. So take a look, grab your bag, and enjoy the flush.

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Naomi Campbell’s protégé betrays her, Victoria Beckham sparks a health crisis, and models sing ‘Get Lucky’. Catch up with this week’s Linkbait.

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Maker play at being hipster Stepford Wife in their new video. NSFW for nudity.