Carri Munden, the one-woman wonder behind Cassette Playa, lets us in on an exclusive preview of her new collection with JuJu shoes.

The Birminghan quintet in a very special karaoke session, filmed for our Outspoken issue. Come on, kids, sing along!

Sure, the clothes won’t be in stores for a while, but there’s no reason you can’t take inspiration from the show for spring/summer.

Zoe Saldana talked to us about stunts and her post-ballet body just after she beamed up as Uhura for J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek.

For this week’s Hit List, we shed light on the best facial illuminators, powders and bronzers of the season, from Revlon to NARS to Guerlain.

A hypnotic double-vision video – perfect for the seductive let’s-get-wasted vibe of the original song.

Once Upon A Time… featuring 18 minutes of Chanel-infused nostalgia starring Keira Knightley, Lindsexy Wixson, Tallulah Harlech, Saskia de Brauw and more.

Save one billion trees in the Amazon and make a film while you’re at it? No sweat if you’re Lily Cole. Watch her directorial debut here.

All the news that’s set to gossip about in this week’s Linkbait.

Fashion favourites Coastal Cities premiere their new video ‘Nothing Ever Changes’, made in collaboration with Burberry.

Looks like John Galliano won’t be adding ‘university lecturer’ to his CV anytime soon.

Brand Buzz gives adventure buffs a stylish twist with the Carrera foldable helmet and paired Carrera 6008 sunglasses.

Our ongoing love for teenage bedroom producers and their music continues. Meet Mmoths, aka Jack Colleran.

Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne and Madonna’s fashion choices rated on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being Johnny Rotten spewing expletives on a loop, forever.

Irish electro-pop eyes are smiling on this Cork duo. Listen to their blissful sophomore EP now.

For this installment of In Profile, we shoot Laura Haddock, the so-called “sexual powerhouse” of Da Vinci’s Demons.

We got an exclusive shot of uber-babe Tali Lennox modelling the new Diesel collection. It’s a doozy.

For this week’s Hit List, we round up the best sunglasses on the market, from Fendi fur to Chanel tweed to a very special ASOS and Carrera collaboration.