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Louisa Johnson’s debut X-Factor appearance last year left the show’s judges so slack-jawed they jokingly considered ending the series there and then.

Fresh from a four year battery-charging sabbatical, Emeli Sandé is back with a fresh, Stevie Wonder-approved sound.

Beware of Bastille – they’ll possess your heart and your soul with the spooky music video for their second single, “Send Them Off”.

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From the wilderness to the recording studio, meet the Swedish singer penning tracks to scream along to.

A black eye and a bruised heart: Dan Smith is Bastille’s doom-dwelling front figure.

Stealing our hearts with her authentic attitude and moody vocals is 21-year-old London artist, Nilüfer Yanya.

Vanessa White brings us back down to earth with “Low Key” Feat. Illa J.

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Dark and heartful, here is singer-songwriter Jerry Williams’s “Let’s Just Forget It”.

Meet Instagram’s Father of the Year, LA’s wavy-maned model and musician, Benny Harlem.

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Meet electro-pop’s new Scandi ice queen.

Refugee, political fire-starter, earth-shaking pop icon. This September, MIA returns with her fifth and final fuck you, AIM.

Lily Walker unpacks the fascinating, raw story of singer Kelsey Lu, who soundtracked Grace Wales Bonner’s SS17 showcase this year.

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Juju. Piano Voodoo. Whatever kind of music Klein is making, we’re brainwashed.

Sex symbol, screen star and chart stormer: enter the steamy confines of 2016’s American Idol, Nick Jonas.

King Deco takes the crown with her empowering indie pop anthem, “Read My Lips”.

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Yuna, the mesmeric Malaysian singer-songwriter.

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