Video Premiere: Ryan Vail and Jealous of The Birds – ‘Love Is A Crow’

February 14th, 2017

Electro meets ethereal in Ryan Vail and Naomi Hamilton’s new track ‘Love is a Crow’.

Photo Sep 17-4

Sometimes the most unexpected of collaborations produces the most extraordinary results, and that couldn’t ring more true for electronic composer Ryan Vail and folk-based Jealous of The Birds singer Naomi Hamilton. The Irish pairing went into the studio recently to produce one-off single ‘Love Is a Crow’, a track about the relationship between two people that becomes damaged and takes a sinister turn.

Opening with a spoken word recitation, the Donnie Darko inspired video captures the unpredictable nature of love, personifying it as a crow-like figure. The track then veers into splintered electronics with soft, lustrous vocal harmonies on top.

“The crow became a symbol. A visual manifestation of the problems a couple find themselves in. It is always present looming over the couple, slowly becoming more influential on their actions,” explains London-born-Berlin-based director Joseph Wright.

‘Love is a Crow’ will be released 24th February via Quiet Arch and includes an instrumental version of the track as well as two remixes – by Stones Throw artist The Cyclist, and Belfast based producer DIE HEXEN. We’ll be patiently waiting.