Video Premiere: Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Killing Me’

February 16th, 2017

Luke Sital-Singh, announces new album and releases the stunning video for ‘Killing Me’.

Luke Sital-Singh High res credit Steve Gullick

Following his critically acclaimed 2014 album, The Fire Inside, Luke Sital-Singh spoils us by releasing the video for his single ‘Killing Me’ and announcing his new album, Time Is A Riddle.

Recorded with Villagers’ Tommy McLaughlin, ‘Killing Me’ was written in tribute to Luke’s Grandmother and the life she has lived since his Grandfather passed away 10 years ago. As Luke says, “I’m often moved thinking about her living without him. She misses him and talks about him everyday. Her broken heart breaks mine and this song was written about that.”  It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking track, showing off Luke’s extraordinary vocal melodies and songwriting talent.

The video was shot by Luke’s wife’s late Grandfather, and sees various clips of holiday footage. It’s nostalgic and thought provoking, encouraging the viewer to reminisce about their own past. “When I watched them, the nostalgic nature and the parallels with both our grandparents, it just felt tonally right, and a little note of serendipity,” Luke says.

Both the track and video are beautiful works of Luke’s captivating creativity. With his forthcoming album, Time Is A Riddle, on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

Words: Elly Watson