New Noise: AV AV AV

February 9th, 2017

Danish trio AV AV AV give us a taste of how the 2017 electronic music scene will sound.


Over the last few years, the Danish music scene has risen drastically (as if we didn’t know) and a number of acts have broken outside of the country’s borders, amongst them the electronic trio AV AV AV. Comprised of friends, August “ELOQ” Fenger, Anders “Unkwon” Dixen and Martin “Dj Er Du Dum Eller Hvad” Skovbjerg, the trio started out with no expectations. One EP and a Critic’s Choice Award later, AV AV AV have received international recognition for their crisp electronic sound infused with house beats.

The trio’s latest release, ‘Habitat’, is the second single from the forthcoming ‘Everything is True’ EP (dropping 10th March!) and has already been dubbed “the sound of the future.” The energetic track embraces acoustic elements that are perfectly fused with electronic beats and multi-layered soundscapes. 

Why the name AV AV AV?

It means “ouch ouch ouch” in Danish, and it’s a phrase we frequently use when something is really nice. Like “Damn, this is good.” 

Sum up your sound in 5 words?

Dynamic, melodic, electronic, organic and our own word: mellowhard.

Can you tell us about the electronic scene in Denmark?

As a very small country, everyone knows everyone in the scene here! And everyone is very prone to collaborate and/or help each other out! Ranging from techno to trap, everything is pretty well represented here with a lot of amazing artists trying to push every corner of the genre in our own Nordic way.

How do you think your upcoming EP, ‘Everything is True’, differs from your debut EP?

We became older, wiser and better! Soundwise, we think it fits perfectly in the AV AV AV universe. With a lot of feelings and emotions put into our sound palette. Mellowhard!

Tell us about the collaborative process for you guys. What do each of you bring to the mix?

We each come from completely different musical backgrounds so, the fact that we have found a middle ground between the three of us is really unique! It’s hard to tell what we bring individually, but one thing we know from our trips is that when you sit in the producer chair you want to impress the other two. And that dynamic is something we think is a big core of our sound. 

Where do you look for your inspiration?

Anything from movies and music, to taking long walks. As we take trips up to remote cabins when we produce, there’s always a lot of nature nearby and also the cosy couch at the fireplace where we can watch old cult sci-fi movies. 

What’s your favourite thing about performing live? And how does it compare to recording in the studio?

Both things are always amazing. When we perform live we see people loving some of our music that, maybe just months ago, we stood and jammed to in a cabin somewhere. It’s really special to see something touch other people the way it touched you.

What can we expect from AV AV AV this year?

A lot of new music, a lot of new music videos and a lot of live shows!

Words: Clarice Metzger