GRAMMYs: Believe In Music

February 10th, 2017

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards take on Taylor Swift’s 2016 acceptance speech.

We’ve long been Team Taylor, strong believers in the power of the Swift (it takes more than good bone structure to be a two-time Wonderland cover girl after all), so when we heard the big guns at the Grammys had tapped her 2016 acceptance speech for its latest campaign, we weren’t exactly surprised. Excited? Yes, ma’am.

Launching the 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony with a powerful new short titled ‘Believe in Music’, 12 of the young women Swift directed her Album of the Year award speech to replicate the ‘1989’ star’s words in a film that explores the industry’s bright young things.

Hailing from all walks of life with passions that range from music and dance to sport – fierce drummer who embraces her talent with a knowing smile? Check. Little girl saying grace with an Aladdin Sane era Bowie bolt across her face? Check – the video is a timely reminder that hard work pays off with good vibes. Oh, and also that you should probably pop Sunday in your diary if you want a chance to witness similarly inspirational talk first hand.