Fendi: F Is For…

February 8th, 2017

Fendi unveils new digital platform, F Is For…

F is For_01

Fabulous, foxy, female – reads like a corny slogan tee one of your sisters might have donned in the late 90’s right? Elsewhere on the F word spectrum you’ll come across the more industry appropriate, Fendi, fashion and fur: it’s to this play on words (letters?) that a new digital platform from the Italian fashion house owes its moniker.

Launching offline on 10th February – when Abra and Metro Bloomin will perform live in New York with a Fashion TV Show slot – ‘F Is For…’ has been constructed with youth culture at its core, designed by millennials for millennials on the bricks of Fendi’s HQ since 2015, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. Its defining F words? Freaks (the tribe), Fulgore (the new fashion), Faces (those who count), Freedom (the experiences) and Fearless (the sound of revolution), and it’s through these categories that the brand hopes to feed the Fendi appointed ‘YOLO generation’; find it here.

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